High-quality work gloves in TOP quality for safe, comfortable work

When working with tools, machines, heavy loads or chemicals, well-protected hands are particularly important. Hand protection consisting of high-quality work gloves can effectively prevent hand injuries.

The hand, one of our most important parts of the body, is most often affected in accidents at work. It is always worth using high-quality work gloves so that you can work properly and efficiently.

Agrarzone carries high-quality work gloves in top brand quality that you can rely on in everyday working life. In our extensive range of gloves, you can buy the perfect protective glove for a variety of areas of application (like industry, automotive, food industry, private use). In addition to the prescribed protection class, our assembly gloves have an excellent fit and are loyal companions for every work.

When are work gloves right for me?

Occupational safety: Your hands are your most important tool. Work gloves (also protective gloves) protect your valuable hands during a lot of work in order to successfully avoid work accidents with fatal consequences. This is why you will find a large range of work gloves in the Agrarzone online shop. So you are well protected in every activity.

Hygiene: By wearing work gloves, your fingernails and hands will not be exposed to dirt particles in dusty and dirty environments. So you always have beautiful, soft hands and clean nails.

How to choose the right working gloves

When choosing the right working gloves, you should determine the appropriate protection category for the work and the personal protection requirements. For every application there are tailor-made work gloves in the right material with the optimal cut, which best meet the respective needs of the work.

Functionality, quality, resilience, fit and durability are particularly important when choosing the right protective gloves.

The following questions will help you decide on the ideal working gloves:

  • What do I need the work gloves for?
  • Which material do I prefer?
  • How well do the protective gloves fit me?
  • Are the work gloves comfortable?
  • Can I move my fingers well in it?
  • How good is the grip and the sense of touch?
  • Should the protective gloves protect against the cold?
  • Do I need breathable protective gloves?
  • Should the work gloves be cut-resistant?

When buying your work gloves, you should definitely consider the protection categories:

  • Category 1: Low risk (cleaning work, gardening, up to 50 ° C)
  • Category 2: Medium risk (forest work)
  • Category 3: High and fatal risk (handling chemicals, electricity or temperatures above 100 ° C)

Comfortable work gloves for safe work

Protective assembly gloves, leather gloves & knitted gloves

Work & assembly gloves:

The most commonly used protective gloves in construction and in the industrial sector are assembly gloves. Assembly and work gloves have a very good fit and are known for being comfortable to wear. The fine knit work gloves are seamlessly processed and have good resistance to water, fats and oils as well as excellent tactile sensitivity.

Most assembly gloves are liquid-resistant and at the same time have a breathable back of the hand. So you don't break a sweat so easily. Some protective gloves have a corresponding palm coating made of nitrile, latex or PU or nubs on the palm for an even more efficient grip.

Whether work gloves for dry grip or protective gloves for wet grip, at Agrarzone you will find work gloves in different sizes for a perfect fit.

Leather working gloves:

Leather working gloves are extremely stable and comfortable at the same time. Work gloves made of leather are particularly popular for heavy work in construction. Different materials are used for leather working gloves.

Work gloves made of full leather are wonderfully suitable for working with oils and fats as well as extreme weather conditions and, if properly cared for, will last a lifetime. Suede, on the other hand, is often used for heat-resistant and cut-resistant gloves. Synthetic leather consists of a mixture of PU and leather, the properties of which can be tailored to specific activities.

Winter working gloves:

Working gloves for the winter are mostly lined and are characterized by a particularly high insulating effect. The palm of the hand is in many winter work gloves equipped with nitrile knobs or a nitrile coating. This ensures a good fingertip feeling and a secure grip. With working gloves for the winter, the hands stay warm and dry thanks to a special breathable coating.

Cut-resistant work gloves:

When working with glass, splinters or sharp-edged objects such as In the glass industry or steel and sheet metal processing, cut-resistant work gloves are often used. Made from a high-quality fabric that can withstand even sharp-edged glass, cut-resistant protective gloves offer optimal protection against sharp edges, blades and glass and still have an excellent fit.

Work gloves for private & garden:

Coated knitted gloves and gloves made of a solid cotton fabric are particularly suitable for private use. Knitted cotton gloves impress with their soft structure and the associated air permeability. With a knitted glove you have a firm grip when gardening, but at the same time you are sufficiently protected against injuries to your hands. Ideal as gardening gloves to protect against thorns, bubbles from garden tools and for clean fingernails.

Find the perfect work glove with 6 questions

1. Do you value a particularly good grip?

A high degree of grip is particularly important for protective gloves for warehouse work, as well as for applications in assembly and industry. All of our working gloves offer good grip, mobility and a perfect fit for every hand shape. Available in various coatings, our work gloves are largely waterproof, oil-repellent and yet breathable with excellent wearing comfort.

Simply browse through our category "work gloves" and find the perfect protective glove for fatigue-free, safe work.

2. Do you want to protect your hands from the cold in winter?

Winter places particularly high demands on protective gloves. The cold makes the fingers immobile, there is a risk of something falling or slipping due to moisture and ice.

In order to be able to work efficiently in winter, you should use winter work gloves that are warmly lined and have a high level of thermal insulation. Despite the cold protection, the protective gloves should have a good grip. The Keron PowerGrab Thermo winter glove is lined with comfortably warm acrylic and is therefore perfect for cold temperatures. The palms of the hands are treated with "MicroFinish", so a good grip is guaranteed even in cold, snow and ice.

The Keron Active Mechanic Glove Melyc is equipped with cozy fleece insulation. Thanks to its waterproof, breathable membrane, the protective glove ensures dry hands in winter. The extra long, close-fitting, high-quality knitted waistband prevents snow from entering.

3. And which protective gloves are suitable for summer?

In summer, breathable fine-knitted gloves are recommended. Most of Agrarzone's work gloves are also suitable for work in summer, such as the Keron fine knitted glove Activ Grip Lite or the Keron fine knitted glove Premium Plus. Leather gloves - made from cowhide, for example - are also very suitable for summer. Leather gloves protect effectively against hand injuries, are light and guarantee optimal air circulation through perforations.

4. Do you need a cut-resistant protective glove for work with sharp edges, blades or chainsaw work?

Particularly when working in the glass industry or in steel and sheet metal processing, a cut-resistant work glove is important. A cut protection glove consists of a thin, high-quality fabric made of cut-resistant glass fiber and mixed with spandex and polyester for even better elasticity. The cut protection glove optimally protects against sharp edges, blades and glass and still guarantees an excellent fit.

In forestry, chainsaw gloves are often used to protect hands. Chainsaw gloves differ from conventional gloves in that they are made of a particularly cut-resistant material that consists of several layers.

5. Do you need to do fine precision work regularly?

For fine precision work, you should use a particularly tight-fitting work glove with a high level of tactile sensitivity that wraps around your hand like a second skin. The Keron Active Mechanic Glove Wotan fits very closely to the hand thanks to its narrow cut. With silicone prints on the fingertips and the palms of the hands, the work glove provides an optimal grip and is therefore ideal for fine work.

6. You need wear-resistant working gloves (like for working with ropes)?

For activities that require a high level of abrasion protection, it is best to use particularly robust, abrasion-resistant work gloves. An abrasion-resistant glove protects the whole hand through extensive abrasion protection. Double reinforced, roughened palm and finger surfaces offer excellent durability and grip and are therefore ideal for work that requires a high level of abrasion protection (such as working with ropes).

Additional accessories for work safety

Many professional activities make the use of personal protective equipment indispensable. Whether on the construction site, in the industrial sector or during agricultural activities: With personal protective equipment, you protect yourself against all risks to your safety and health.

At Agrarzone you will find a comprehensive range of high-quality protective equipment with which you can protect yourself effectively in every situation:

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