Woolf natürliche Hundesnacks

Woolf dog snack - 100% nature

The Woolf dog snacks are natural and tasty treats for dogs. Especially the smaller snacks are also ideal for cats.

Benefits of Woolf treats:

  • 100% from high quality protein sources
  • without dyes, preservatives or chemical additives
  • without cereals
  • Resealable packaging

The Woolf dog snacks are produced without cereals, dyes, preservatives or chemical additives. The resealable package keeps the content fresh even after opening. Whether as a reward or snack in between - The Woolf dog snacks are perfectly compatible and the best treat for your four-legged friend.

Woolf treats - high quality dog snacks for everyday use

The Woolf treats are suitable for dogs of all sizes. The dog snacks consist of 100% high quality protein sources to ensure the highest quality and the best nutrient absorption. The snack is packed in resealable bags after cooking without any chemical additives, preservatives or colorings.