Wolf Net & Wolf Fence

  • High herding security for sheep and other grazing animals
  • With electrification for effective wolf Defence
  • Extremely good conductivity guarantees intensive current pulses
  • Narrow-meshed, high nets provide effective protection
  • Easy to set up and also suitable for mobile use

What is a wolf net?

A wolf net is an electric fence for effective protection against wolves. Wolf fences are significantly higher than conventional sheep fences, and when electrified they are considered very wolf-proof from a height of 120 cm.

A wolf fence consists of a particularly conductive electronic net with intensive current pulses. The high-impact electric shocks ensure that 1. even sheep with thick wool are kept safely in the fenced area and 2. no wolves can slip under or jump over the fence. A wolf fence provides maximum herding protection, even over long distances.

Expert tip: We recommend high-impact pasture fencing devices from 7.7 joules (input) for protection against Wolves.

When does an electric wolf defense fence make sense?

Since wolves have been increasingly settling in European forests for some time, it is becoming more and more necessary to protect sheep, goats and other livestock from wolves.

To keep wolves away from your herd, an electric fence serves as a preventive measure. An electric wolf fence has also proven to be effective protection for sheep owners and farmers after a wolf attack.

Plus/minus Wolf nets:

With plus-minus wolf nets, the conductor strands are alternately connected to the fence connection (+) and the earth connection (-) of the electric fence unit with the help of the conductor bundling clips. The resulting earth strands intensify the electric shock on the animal even in difficult ground conditions, such as dry, sandy or snow-covered ground. Due to the special +/- principle, many of our wolf defence fences can be adapted to the individual practical Situation.

Connection options:

  • + Net
  • + Net with earthing via the ground strand:
  • - Improved earthing in dry soils
  • - Strong electric shock when the ground strand and the current-carrying strand above it are touched at the same time when an attempt is made to undermine the fence.
  • PLUS/MINUS net

In 3 steps to the right wolf fence:

Step 1: Choose the right length and height of wolf fence.

Wolf nets are available in lengths of 50 metres and heights of 108 cm and 122 cm.

If you only want to keep your flock of sheep from escaping, a 108 cm high wolf fence is probably sufficient. If, on the other hand, you keep your sheep in an area populated by Wolves or near a forest, then it is better to go for a higher net.

It is generally advisable to fence the grazing area large enough so that your sheep have the opportunity to avoid a wolf that appears at the fence. If the grazing area is too small, the flock of sheep will quickly panic, which can lead to the destruction of the fence and thus cancel out the protective effect.

Important: If you want to extend your wolf fence, you can simply connect our wolf nets together with the integrated metal clips and thus extend them. We also offer complete electrified wolf fence sets incl. electric fence energiser and all accessories for a fence length of up to 500 metres.

Step 2: Know your terrain

A distinction is made between double spikes and single spikes for wolf nets.

If your ground is earthy or sandy, a double spike is recommended for more stability. In stony terrain, a single tip is easier to insert into the ground.

Step 3: Decide on the right accessories

A complete wolf fence includes pasture fencing energiser, fence posts and a wolf net. Depending on how you want to operate the fence and where you use it, different accessories will be needed. These products are suitable for your wolf fence:

Electric fence devices 230V: If there is a socket nearby, a pasture fence device with 230V is always your best choice for power supply.

Electric fence devices 12V: If you do not have access to a power socket, you will need a 12V electric fence powered by a rechargeable battery.

Electric fence battery & accumulator: Depending on whether you are running a 12V battery-powered device or a 9V battery-powered device, you will find suitable Electric fence battery & accumulator in this category.

Electric fence solar module: Solar modules are available as a supplement to almost all 12V battery-powered electric fence devices. This saves you frequent battery changes. Electricity costs for battery charging are also eliminated.

Electric fence gate: A wolf fence door can be installed at any point on the wolf fence and allows safe, easy exit and entry without risk of electrocution.

Fence Net Replacement Stake: If a stake from your fence is broken or you want to put a replacement stake in the corners of your wolf defense fence for extra stability, then you can purchase a suitable willow net replacement stake here at a low Price.

Warning signs: By law, any electric pasture fence along a public way must be marked with warning signs at regular intervals.

Pasture fence tester: With a wolf fence tester you measure the voltage of your electric wolf fence. This will help you quickly determine if you have the voltage you need and if your fence is safe.

Theft protection: You want to protect your electric fence device from theft? Discover here safe battery boxes to protect your electric fence device.

Various pasture net accessories: In this category you will find various pasture net accessories from soil drills to wire connectors to ground anchors.

Your advantages in the Agrarzone shop

Free return: This applies to all parcel deliveries that are returned within 30 days. You can also return forwarding goods within 30 days. However, the customer is responsible for the costs of returning the goods with a forwarding agent.

No risk thanks to 30-day money-back guarantee: If your purchased Wolfnetz is not right for you after all, you can return the item to us within 30 days of delivery without giving any reason. We will then refund you the full purchase price.

All wolf nets comply with the legal safety standards: All electrifiable wolf fences are safe for humans and animals. This is guaranteed by compliance with legal safety Standards.

Only willow nets from reputable Austrian or German manufacturers: Due to the high quality, there are fewer defects and you therefore have lower maintenance costs. Calculated over several years, this saves you Money.