Wild boar defence Set TITAN NI12000 230V, 12J, strand 400m, tape 200m

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  • Wild boar repellent set with price advantage
  • Protection for robust animals such as sheep, catle & Co.
  • Ideal for long fences with heavy vegetation
  • T-Post fixed fence made of extremely sturdy rail steel
  • Fast & easy to set up - ready for use immediately!
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Wild Boar Fence Set incl. 230V electric fence, 400m electric wire & 200m tape

Keep your grazing animals safely inside the fence with our T-Post Wild Boar Fence Set. The complete package contains everything you need for an effective wild boar defence and the erection of a completely safe protective fence.

The damage that a pack of wild boar can cause is enormous. The wild animals ravage the ground in search of food, dig up plants, eat or destroy vegetables, fruit and crops or rummage through the rubbish and compost heaps in the garden. If they come into contact with humans or other animals, wild boars can behave aggressively.

To protect your garden, fields, fodder plants and animals, our Agrarzone wild boar repellent set is an excellent preventive measure. Thanks to the matching accessories, you have everything you need to erect a herd-proof protective fence in a short time to protect your animals, plants and fields from the uninvited visitors. The electric fence is also ideal for keeping out other larger wild animals, e.g. wolves, deer.

With the AKO Power NI 12000 electric fence, you have a high level of protection even with medium to heavy vegetation. The power supply unit has 2-colour LED lights for output voltage, earthing status and power consumption.  An alarm function permanently monitors the fence and triggers an alarm in case of continuous contact and slows down the pulse sequence. Together with the accessories for a complete T-Post fixed fence system, e.g. sturdy T-Post posts made of rail steel as well as 400 m electric fence wire & 200 m pasture fence tape, you can erect a very safe deer fence. The complete T-post fixed fence is effortlessly erected in a short time and is suitable for year-round use.

At a glance:

  • Complete pasture fence set for reliable wild boar defence
  • Suitable for herding robust animal species such as cattle, sheep and horses
  • Powerful 230V pasture fence set
  • For long fences with heavy Vegetation
  • Alarm function permanently monitors the fence, triggers alarm in case of continuous contact and slows down the pulse sequence
  • Significantly reduced power consumption in normal Operation
  • A lightning protection unit protects the electric fence against overvoltage caused by lightning damage
  • T-Post stakes made of rail steel - thus considerably more stable!
  • Conductor material with extremely high conductivity

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x TITAN Ni 12000 230 V electric fence unit
  • 4x Special earth post 1 m
  • 1x Earth connection cable 1 m
  • 4x Earth connection cable 3 m
  • 1x Fence connection cable 125 cm
  • 20x T-pole, 152 cm, white-green
  • 1x Agrarzone Polywire Premium 400m, 6x0.30 TriCOND, white-red
    1x Agrarzone Pasture Fence Tape Premium 0.30 TriCOND, white-red 200 m x 12 mm
  • 50x T-Post ring insulator yellow
  • 20x T-Post head insulator yellow
  • 1x Signal tape for Wildnet 250 m, blue
  • 10x Ribbon connector Niro 13 mm
  • 10x Strand & rope connector 2,5 mm
  • 1x Ako electric fence lightning protection
  • 1x Warning sign
  • 1x Euro fence tester 10 kV
Category: Wild boar set
Item number: 26510
Power source‍: Cord
Features‍: Electrifiable
Animal species‍: Wild boar
Charge energie‍: 12,00 Joule
Output Energy‍: 8,00 Joule
Grounding rod 1m‍: 4 pc
Voltage‍: 10.000 V
Voltage no load‍: 9.600 V
Voltage at 500 Ohm‍: 6.800 V
Power source‍: 230 Volt
Power consumption‍: 9 W
Product weight‍: 73,74 Kg
Contents‍: 1,00 pcs.


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