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Our wild bird feed ensures the feed supply for wild birds and winter birds and thanks to its species-appropriate feed components, makes a valuable contribution to the population of many wild bird breeds.

Wild birds find less and less bird feed not only in winter. The habitat and natural food supply for wild birds have been greatly reduced by humans. No matter whether blackbird, red goblet or woodpecker: at Agrarzone you are guaranteed to find the right wild bird food. With our wild bird feed you ensure the natural supply of your feathered visitors in a natural way.

Qualitative, responsible wild bird feeding with the bird feed from our Agrarzone bird feed shop. Our bird feed brands Leimüller, Tierell and Erdtmanns are known for their excellent bird feed quality and have been successfully used by bird breeders and private bird keepers for years. Due to the extraordinarily high feed quality, which is guaranteed by the best raw materials, our wild bird feed & winter bird feed is extremely healthy and popular. Our wild bird feed contains all important nutrients and is optimally tailored to the needs of wild birds.

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Premium wild bird food for every season

Regardless of whether it is wild bird feeding in summer, winter or year-round feeding - at Agrarzone you will find a large selection of wild bird food for every season. Tailored to the species-appropriate needs of wild birds, winter birds and garden birds, our litter for wild birds is enriched with all the necessary nutrients that feathered animals need for the warm summer months as well as for the cold winter days.

Wild bird food Overview:

  • Year-round feed: Many of our wild bird mixtures are suitable for year-round feeding.
  • Summer bird feed: High-protein summer bird feed has a particularly large number of animal components and is ideal for breeding and rearing birds.
  • Winter bird feed: Winter bird feed has a high energy content and supplies wild birds with many nutrients in the cold season.
  • Titmouse dumplings & titmouse rings: The classic in wild bird feeding provides wild birds with the necessary energy reserves on cold days.
  • Titmouse coconuts: Stuffed with the tried and tested titmouse dumpling recipe, this variant is also eaten by wild birds.

Wild bird feed for year-round feeding - Varied feed for wild birds

The classic all-season food for wild birds is our Leimüller wild bird food classic. The high-quality litter for wild birds is enriched with striped sunflower seeds and various types of grain and is ideal for feeding wild birds throughout the year.

Hemp seeds are also suitable for year-round feeding. The feed hemp contains many important ingredients such as essential fatty acids, protein, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and unsaturated fatty acids, which support bird health.

Our Tierell Wild Bird Food is the ideal source of energy and strength for wild birds and an excellent all-year-round feed. Bird food is very popular with birds and is ideally suited for birdhouses, feeding tables, feeding columns and as litter.

Discover a large selection of other wild bird food and garden bird food for year-round feeding in our wild bird food shop!

Wild bird food for the summer - Many proteins for breeding and bird rearing

Bird feeding is just as important in the summer months as it is in the winter. The difference lies in bird food. In summer, wild birds need more animal proteins such as insects and mealworms in order to be able to optimally care for their young. Our wild bird food for the summer is tailored to the special needs of wild birds and garden birds during the breeding and rearing phase and contains a particularly large number of proteins.

During breeding & rearing in summer, we also recommend our protein-rich Leimüller mealworms. The natural bird feed is very well received by wild birds and was specially developed for the needs of wild birds. Rich in particularly valuable protein, our summer bird feed provides wild birds with optimal care during the breeding and rearing of the young.

Wild bird food for winter - High-energy bird food for cold days

Our Leimüller winter wild bird food is particularly popular in winter due to its high-energy feed components. The balanced winter bird feed mix contains tasty mealworms and small-grain sunflower seeds. Nuts and raisins make the litter particularly varied and nutritious.

For a good start on cold winter days, we also recommend our high-energy Erdtmanns energy mix. Greased oatmeal and wheat flakes, peanuts and raisins support the heat balance of blackbirds, robins, thrushes, wren & Co. before and after freezing cold winter nights.

The shell-free Winter wild bird food paring free has a particularly high proportion of seeds. The high-quality basic feed is suitable for all grain and soft eaters and is free of shells and ragweed seeds. The healthy winter bird feed is ideally suited for wild bird feeding in winter and can easily be strewn into a bird house or at a sheltered place on the ground.

Titmouse dumplings & titmouse rings from Erdtmanns - High-energy wild bird snack for the winter

Our Titmouse dumplings & Titmouse rings from Erdtmanns are the classics in wild bird feeding. The optimal consistency and whole grain flakes ensure easy food intake. The diverse composition provides all wild birds and winter birds with the necessary energy reserves.

Titmouse dumplings are very popular as winter bird food for titmice. But titmouseballs are also suitable as a supplementary feed for all other free birds. Titmouse dumplings should mainly be provided in frost, as most wild birds find enough bird food in spring. Titmouse dumplings enriched with mealworms have a particularly high proportion of proteins and contain many essential fatty acids and oils.

At Agrarzone you will find a large selection of titmouse dumplings with a net, in different sizes and in practical storage packs. With practical Holders for titmouse dumplings simply hung in branches, titmouseballs are also a great change at the feeding point.

Coconut Wild Bird Food - Filled titmouse coconuts for the winter

Our Erdtmanns Titmouse coconuts are filled with the tried and tested titmouse dumplings fat food recipe and contain many mealworms, insects and seeds. Coconuts are extremely popular with wild birds because they can hold onto the hard shell of the coconut while pecking at food. This variant is also very suitable as winter bird food and is often used by wild birds. The coconut wild bird feed is available at Agrarzone in practically different stock sizes and with hangers.

How often and when should you feed wild birds?

There are different opinions on when to start feeding wild birds. In many cases, the point of view is to feed the wild birds & winter birds only when there is frost, because the wild birds then find little food and consume a lot of energy. According to other opinions, wild bird feeding should start in September or October. Bird feeding in autumn is particularly recommended for environments in which wild birds find little bird food in autumn (like cities, metropolitan areas).

The optimal feeding time is early in the morning or early evening. It is best to sprinkle small amounts of fresh bird feed daily or put the feed in a bird feeder. You can also easily hang our high-fat Titmouse dumplings on the net in trees.

At Agrarzone we have a wide range of wild bird feed for all needs and seasons.

Early wild bird feeding has many advantages for wild birds:

  • Due to timely bird feeding, the wild birds can feed themselves a sufficiently thick fat pad early on and will not become a victim of a rapid onset of winter.
  • Some breeding bird species stay close to humans during the winter and set their territorial boundaries in late summer. The more bird food is found in such a territory, the more wild birds can survive there during the cold winter months.
  • Many young birds from the last breeding year have less experience in bird feed than young birds from the first breeding year because they had less time to practice. With an early design of bird feed, even young birds can eat up enough fat reserves and thus have greater survival options in the onset of cold.
  • In autumn, most wild birds still find natural food in the wild. If you create a feeding station in autumn, wild birds have enough time to get used to the new feeding station and to memorize the way there. During the barren winter months, the wild birds can then head for the feeding area.

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