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Wasp control Overview

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The right measure for wasp control

A whir at the breakfast table or with a delicious dessert in the garden - we are talking about wasps who want to snack with them. Generally, wasps are useful rather than dangerous. Most wasp stings happen when you step on a wasp unnoticed. Except for the wasp sting pain, most people have no side effects. The situation is different for allergy sufferers, for whom wasp stings are very dangerous and can lead to death. If you want to enjoy your time outdoors without the annoying insects, you have to take the right measures to destroy the wasps:

  1. Get rid of wasps flying around
  2. Remove the wasp nest

1. Get rid of wasps flying around

When combating wasps, it is important to know that wasps are always on the lookout for food. Wasps do not stop at open drinks, delicious pastries and lunch. It is therefore important to seal food and beverages well outdoors. Compost and garbage should also be inaccessible to wasps. If you work in the garden, it is advisable not to wear colorful clothes and not to use perfumes and creams that contain perfume, as this attracts insects. You can achieve effective wasp removal for undisturbed days outdoors with effective wasp traps & wasp sprays from Agrarzone.

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2. Remove the wasp nest

The wasp nest is finally gone in 7 steps!

If wasps have settled in the garden, in the shed or under an eaves, other methods of combating wasps are required than for wasps flying around. It is possible to either relocate the wasps and their wasp nest or destroy them.

7-step plan:

Get rid of wasps effectively with our 7-step plan:

Step 1: Planning - relocation or destruction
Step 2: Use proper protective clothing
Step 3: Select the optimal time
Step 4: Define an escape route
Step 5: Remove the wasp nest with wasp foam or wasp spray
Step 6: Dispose of the wasp nest
Step 7: Prevent wasp nest

Step 1: Planning - relocation or destruction

Are you allowed to destroy the wasp nest or does the nest have to be relocated? In Germany, wasps, bees and hornets are generally protected. A wasp nest, bee or hornet nest may only be removed in exceptional cases (= hazardous situation). In Austria, hornets and bees are protected, in some federal states (like Styria) some wasp species are protected.

In some cases, however, it is imperative that you remove a wasp nest or hornet nest near the house - for example, if you have an allergy or toddler in the family. If necessary, it is best to inquire with a beekeeper or directly with a specialist for pest control.

Step 2: Use the correct protective clothing

Wasps are generally not aggressive. However, if wasps feel threatened, they defend their nest. Protect yourself from wasp stings with the right protective clothing. Long trousers, long-sleeved shirts, head protection, face and eye protection, rubber or leather boots and sturdy work gloves with long cuffs are recommended.

Step 3: Select the optimal time

For effective wasp nest destruction, the right time is crucial for successful wasp control. Ideally, the wasp nest is removed during set-up (between April and August) or the wasp removal is carried out either early in the morning or in the evening at low temperatures, since the wasps are in their resting phase in the nest there. Wasps like the common wasp and the German wasp only survive one season. If there is no immediate danger from the wasp nest due to the positioning, you can wait for the summer and then remove the empty nest.

Step 4: Define an escape route

The wasps will not react enthusiastically to the removal of their wasp home and will hand out extremely painful stings. It is therefore best to plan an escape route in advance that you can use to quickly get to safety. Before the wasp nest removal, leave the escape route with your eyes open and remove tripping hazards (like objects lying around, toys, etc.).

Step 5: Destroy wasp nest with wasp foam or wasp spray

Wasp foam for easily accessible wasp nests

Wasp foam is suitable for easily accessible wasp nests. The foam has nerve poison, which kills wasps effectively and also forms an impenetrable shell around the nest: the wasps are enclosed in their structure. The wasp nest is sprayed with a sufficiently large safety distance of at least 2 m from all sides until the entire nest is covered with foam. To avoid wasp stings, the entry openings must always be sealed first. Only then is the rest of the wasp nest covered with the foam. The wasp foam should act for at least 24 hours.

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Wasp spray for easily accessible and difficult to access wasp nests

Wasp spray is suitable for easily accessible and hard-to-access wasp nests (like cracks, higher-lying wasp nests). Wasp sprays contain poisonous insecticides that are fatal to the wasp's nervous system. When destroying with wasp spray, the nest area or the entry holes in the wind direction are sprayed with effective wasp spray for several seconds. It is recommended to use wasp spray with a tube or wasp spray with a power spray head and to keep a sufficiently large safety distance of at least 2 m. In the case of nests that are difficult to access, you should first spray the entry holes and then use the power nozzle to get as close as possible to the nest opening and spray the wasp nest. Wasp sprays at Agrarzone can be sprayed from a great distance, have an excellent immediate and long-term effect against wasps and reliably exterminate wasp nests.

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Step 6: Dispose of the wasp nest

With a hammer, they knock down the abandoned nest, which mainly consists of wood fibers, and dispose of the nest in the household waste. Then carefully clean the area where the nest was located with a disinfectant. The remaining fragrances could otherwise tempt a queen bee in the coming year to resettle here.

Step 7: Prevent wasp nests - Simple solution for wasp control

To prevent annoying permanent guests from settling in the garden and on the balcony, and to avoid having to destroy wasps unnecessarily, precautionary measures are better than aftercare when it comes to combing wasps. To do this, it is necessary to make the nesting sites that are typical for wasps, such as eaves, roller shutter boxes, balconies or hay sheds, less attractive. With the following tips, no wasps will settle in your home:

  • Seal all openings in the house
  • Use roller shutter boxes more often
  • Seal earth holes
  • Remove rotten wood
  • Completely close open boxes, boxes or the like or open them completely
  • If possible, clean the roof overhang and balcony overhang regularly
  • Use garden sheds and hay sheds regularly

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