Wahl clipper & blades for horse & dog

Whether for detail trimming or powerful clipper for several horses - WAHL has the right shearing machine for your needs. We recommend the following WAHL Horse Shearing Machines for the following purposes.

Horses trimmer for details:

WAHL Adore: Max. 100 min. battery use in one go, or mains operation.
WAHL Adelar: With additional battery for longer shears.
WAHL Adelar Pro: Ergonomic design, with 2 lithium-ion batteries (without memory effect)

Horse clipper for one or more horses:

Wahl Avalon: For 1 horse in a row.
WAHL Star: For 1-4 horses in a row.
Wahl Liberty: Flexible, powerful machine for 1-4 horses in one piece in battery / mains operation.
Wahl Legend: The most powerful machine for continuous load and full line of more than 4 horses in a row.

Additionally we recommend the optional Blade Ice Spray 4in1 for clipping blades. It cools, cleans and oils the shaving head in seconds for a long life of the cutting set.