T Post - metal post for the electric fence

  • T Post is made of strong steel suitable for year-round use
  • Mounting of the posts is also possible alone with special ram
  • Secure hold thanks to solid, 18 cm long anchor plate
  • Insulators can be fixed at different heights without tools

What's a T-post for a electric fence?

A T post is a fence post made of heavy-duty rail steel for your electric fence.

These special posts are particularly suitable for fences that are kept up all year round. Because due to its extreme stiffness, the steel does not deform even under the greatest of loads, for example due to snow.

With a specially developed Ram, the T post can be installed by just one person.

In what situations is a T-post suitable for my electric fence?

Your electric fence can be used as a fixed fence all year round: T-posts are made of heavy-duty, hot-rolled rail steel and are very durable. Even under heavy pressure, for example due to snow, these fence posts will not give way. In addition, T Post posts are protected from the weather by a paint finish.

You need posts for a semi-permanent fence for roving pastures or horse fences: T Posts are also suitable for semi-permanent fences, such as roving pastures or horse fences. The posts can easily be removed from the ground with a T-post puller and reattached to the ground elsewhere with the post driver.

You must be able to fasten the fence posts on your own and connect the ladder material: If you rarely need help setting up the fence posts for your electric fence, T-post posts are ideal. The post can be secured in the ground on its own thanks to special rams. The insulators can also be quickly and easily clamped to the post without tools or outside help.

This accessory is suitable for a T Post

Fence Connector: In order to connect the conductor material for your fence, you need a suitable connector.

Fence Grounding: In order for your electric fence to function at its best, it must be properly earthed. You can find the necessary accessories here.

Electric fence insulators: To prevent unwanted voltage losses, suitable insulators must be attached to all electric fence posts.

Conductor material: Every electric fence requires either tapes, wires, ropes or strands as conductor material. The required current flows through this material.

Electric fence reel: If you use ropes, wires, strands or bands as conductor material, you can roll up this material with a practical electric fence reel.

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