strip curtain

PVC strip curtains & industrial curtains for a wide range of applications

With a PVC strip curtain you can shield work areas from each other flexibly and inexpensively. Noise, temperature fluctuations and dirty surfaces: A strip curtain helps you to regulate what should stay in or outside the working area.

In the company there is constant coming and going every day. Doors and gates are usually in the way. PVC strip curtains are the ideal choice, especially where you want to cleanly separate different areas of activity with various environmental influences (like dirt, dust) and still make them easily accessible.

Regardless of whether in the stable, on paddocks, in industry or in trade: The areas of application of PVC strip curtains are very extensive and flexible. The transparent vertical blinds are used in almost every industry. No wonder, because PVC strip curtains offer a multitude of convincing Advantages:

  • Protection against dirt and dust
  • Avoidance of drafts and cold (= minimization of energy Costs)
  • Promotion of increased productivity (= no doors opening and Closing)
  • Job demarcation
  • Insect Repellent
  • Extreme wear resistance
  • UV stabilized
  • High light Transmission
  • Operating temperature: -20 ° C to +50 ° C

When are PVC strip curtains right for me?

Reduction of energy costs: Drafts, heat and cold are reliably kept out with impermeable strip curtains and thus the regular energy costs are permanently minimized.

Increase in labor productivity: A lot of time is lost every day opening doors and gates, especially in the industrial and food sectors. PVC strip curtains come in handy when you have a forklift truck or your hands are loaded. So you don't have to worry about opening and closing doors or gates.

Insect protection: Strip curtains offer effective protection against insects and flies in summer. Strip curtains are therefore particularly popular in equestrian sports as stable curtains on pit doors, stable doors or for exits to the paddock.

Workspace demarcation: Since strip curtains are easy to assemble and just as easy to convert, you can use them to demarcate work areas that would otherwise require special room systems or partition walls, for example.

Where are strip curtains used?

The areas of application of PVC strip curtains are extensive and varied:

  • Agriculture & stables
  • Paddocks
  • Warehouses & workshops
  • Industry
  • Cold stores
  • Supermarkets
  • Workshops
  • Medicine and much more.

Strip curtains are ideally suited for heavily frequented openings with high through traffic such as Truck, forklift or pallet truck. Thanks to the impermeable slats, a strip curtain offers high-quality protection against wind, drafts and cold. Strip curtains are also used as inexpensive room dividers in warehouses or factories and are a replacement for expensive room partition systems.

Other possible uses of strip curtains are shielding of a machine, separation between work areas and workshops, separation of production and storage or to work on a machine and prevent the dirt from spreading throughout the entire workshop.

Strip curtains are also used in equestrian sports in horse stables or open stables as stable curtains on box doors, stable doors, or for exits to the paddock.

Flexible alternative to doors and gates: Buy professional strip curtains from Agrarzone

At Agrarzone you will find a high quality selection of high quality strip curtains. As standard, there are permanently installed strip curtains in which the slats are always in place. As a result, the strip curtain offers a particularly high insulation and protective effect, even when you drive through it with large, bulky goods. Practically as a set, you can purchase our standard strip curtain including PVC strips, pendulum plates and hook rails.

An airy fly strip curtain made of PVC has punched openings and thus ensures even better air circulation in summer. A must for every horse owner, as annoying insects are effectively kept out of the stables and there is still a pleasant stable climate.

If a lamellar strip of your barn curtain is defective, then it is particularly practical to have a replacement strip on Hand.

PVC strip curtains as barn curtains for horses, cows, etc.

As stable curtains, PVC strip curtains can be used in a variety of ways in agriculture and equestrian sports. PVC strip curtains in horse stables and open stables are often used as stable curtains on box doors, stable doors, or for exits to the paddock.

The high-quality barn curtains made of soft PVC strips effectively protect your animal from flies, mosquitoes and other insects in summer. In winter, on the other hand, barn curtains offer ideal protection against cold and wind. Airy fly strip curtains with punched holes are also particularly practical. The small openings ensure even better air circulation in summer.

PVC industrial curtains increase productivity and reduce costs

In many areas of application, strip curtains are a better solution than doors and gates. Because the overlapping industrial curtains form an impermeable surface that effectively protects against dust, dirt, noise, cold and heat. If you transport goods with a forklift from A to B, you can drive through PVC slat curtains without having to think about opening and closing them.

Thus, PV-strip curtains are a useful tool for increasing productivity and reducing logistics costs. Because drafts, cold and heat are also reliably kept out with a strip curtain, which in turn lowers energy Costs.

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