Stirrup post

  • Stirrup post enables strong penetration into the Ground
  • Long lasting due to fibreglass reinforcement
  • Suitable for all common tapes, strands & ropes
  • No rust thanks to galvanised ground nail

What is a stirrup stake?

A stirrup stake is a pasture fence post that has a stirrup directly above the ground nail for you to step into.

You simply place your foot in the stirrup and then press down.

Unlike conventional plastic stakes with single tread, this stirrup cannot break off if you want to forcefully kick the stake into the ground.

A stirrup stake is therefore less prone to defects and because the stirrup is placed directly above the nail, less force is lost when kicking in.

In which situations is a stirrup post suitable for me?

You use your pasture fence in a mobile way: Stirrup posts are made of plastic and therefore very light. Thanks to a reinforcement with fibreglass, they are nevertheless resistant and offer you a long service life.

The ground of your pasture is hard: with a stirrup stake you can apply a lot of force without having to worry about parts breaking off. That's why a stake with a stirrup is perfect for harder ground.

You only use your pasture fence during the warmer months: Stirrup stakes are perfect for use from spring to autumn. A stirrup post is not suitable as a permanent fence that has to remain standing in winter and withstand extreme weather conditions.

These accessories are useful with a stirrup post?

Pasture fence connector: With a connector you hang different conductor materials such as ribbons, strands, ropes or wires together.

Electric fence earthing: Every electric fence must be professionally earthed with an ground rod, earth cable and other equipment.

Pasture fence insulators: Insulators separate the conductor material from the post and ensure that no voltage leakage occurs.

Electric fence conductor material: Depending on the type of electric fence you have, there are different conductor materials with ribbons, strands, ropes and wires.

Pasture fence reel: If you use ropes, tapes or strands as conductor material and use your fence in a mobile way, a pasture fence reel for rolling up these materials is ideal for you.

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