Stable mats & paddock mats

Stable mats and paddock slabs offer a firm, safe and inexpensive floor stabilisation in horse stalls and open stables and are therefore indispensable in species-appropriate and modern horse keeping. Muddy and slippery paddocks? Unhygienic horse stalls that are difficult to clean? With our stable mats and paddock slabs this is history. We offer you water-permeable and water-impermeable, robust, durable mats for horse stalls, paddocks, riding arenas and events that are easy on the joints thanks to their shock-absorbing properties. You will find the right floor mats for every purpose here!

Order stable mats for horses at low prices

At Agrarzone you can order stable mats for horses at low prices directly to your stable. The shop offers you different horse stable mats, which you can use for horse stalls, paddocks or the open stable. As an extra solid, comfortable and durable open stable & stall mat, we recommend the Classic stable mat with folded groove interlocking system. Similar to the Puzzle mats, these stable mats can be connected with the folding groove on all 4 sides and thus provide a good, secure hold. In addition to its heat-insulating, shock-absorbing and anti-slip properties, the Agrarzone stable mat material is also extremely soft and supports the horse's legs.

As a stable mat for open stables and outdoor areas with a gravel surface or natural ground, it is better to use the Agrarzone riding arena/hole mat. Due to the special underside, this floor mat also lies securely on unpaved paddock floors, grooming areas or paddock crossings. The Universal Stable Mat is also a robust floor covering.

Simple installation of the horse mats

Both stable mat systems are waterproof, insulating and sound-absorbing. In outdoor areas on paddocks, use without litter is possible. All stable matting systems that you can buy online here at Agrarzone are very easy to cut to size and install. The special feature of these mats is their slip resistance. Once the mat is securely in place, it reduces the risk of slipping and thus considerably reduces the risk of injury. The stable mats are made of non-porous materials and are easy to clean and disinfect. Order stable mats for horses cheaply in our online shop.

Use stable mats as floor covering for indoor and outdoor areas

The feet of horses are crucial for a healthy horse. Our Agrarzone stable mats are particularly soft, elastic and at the same time extremely stable. Compared to a stable floor made of concrete or stone, our stable mats are gentle on hooves, tendons and joints. Using stable mats as flooring creates many advantages for you. They can be used in many ways, as they are also suitable for separating the sand treading layer, the gravel drainage, as a base for the paddock, riding arena, run or for path reinforcement. The use of such stable mats as flooring enables an economical dosage of bedding, which results in an improved stable climate and once laid out, stable mats are non-slip and firmly connected by groove fold. They thus form a homogeneous and hygienic rubber floor.

Use Agrarzone stable mats as a subfloor for horse stalls and the stable alley, because for safety in the stable and hygienic cleaning, Agrarzone stable mats are favourable and therefore very economical. The riding arena, hole & stable mats are very dimensionally stable and pressure-resistant, closed drainage mats made of soft PVC with drainage feet. Thanks to their special design, Agrarzone stable mats are not only suitable as flooring for indoor horse stalls, but also act as drainage with very high water drainage outdoors and in wet environments, thus ensuring a mud-free exercise area suitable for horses.