Stable accessories for your farm

  • Scales, brooms, brushes, troughs, rakes, pitchforks, shovels and other stable accessories
  • Protective clothing, disinfectants, lubricants or vehicle parts also available

What is stable equipment?

Stable accessories are all the equipment such as shovels, rakes or troughs that you need for your farm. You will also find protective clothing, disinfectants or veterinary equipment such as scalpels in our stable accessories.

What you should pay attention to with your stable accessories

Rely on brand manufacturers: These products are somewhat more expensive to buy, but they usually last longer than cheap products. Calculated over a useful life of several years, you save money despite the higher acquisition costs.

Let us advise you if you are uncertain: If you are not sure whether you really need a product or which model is best for you, you should seek advice. Granted: Not all agricultural shops offer this. But with us you can get direct and free advice from experts.

Make sure that your work equipment is ergonomic: shovels, pitchforks or other stable accessories that you use every day for working must be ergonomic. This way you can work better and more efficiently. The bottom line is that you will enjoy your work more and have fewer health problems

Your advantages in the Agrarzone Shop

Free returns: This applies to all package deliveries that are returned within 30 days. You can also return freight forwarding goods within 30 days. However, the cost of returning the goods by forwarding company have to be paid by the customer.

No risk thanks to the 30-day money-back guarantee: If your purchased product is not the right one for you after all, you can return the item to us within 30 days of delivery without giving any reason. We will then refund you the full purchase price.

All products comply with the legal safety standards: All our agricultural equipment is legally approved. All electrifiable products such as pasture fences or pasture nets are safe for people and animals. This is guaranteed by compliance with the legal safety standards.

Only products from well-known Austrian or German manufacturers: Due to the high quality, there are fewer defects and you have less maintenance effort. Calculated over several years you save money.