Spurs, spurs with straps and spore protection

Spores only serve to refine thigh aids in many disciplines and are available in simple, classic, flat and round styles. The spurs from BUSSE and Covalliero are made of high quality, rustproof stainless steel and offer a long, shiny service life.

  • Spine spurs: with a higher training scale
  • Wheel spurs: for easy-going, slightly insensitive horses
  • Button spurs: are suitable for sensitive horses
  • Gooseneck spurs: with very long rider legs

The spurs are securely strapped with a spur strap approximately 4-5 cm horizontally above the heel to ensure targeted use. In this category you will find spurs and spur straps made of the highest quality leather and the appropriate spore protection as well as sets for the English riding style. The spur straps made of nylon and leather are available with rhinestones, decorated or classic, as you prefer.

Which spore models are suitable for beginners?

A prerequisite for the use of the "first" spurs should be a balanced fit and calm legs, otherwise injuries to the horse can occur. This is less the case with beginners. Therefore, beginners should ride without spurs if possible. Pay attention to the needs of your horse and always use spurs carefully. Spurs should only be used by riders who already have a sufficiently balanced seat to ensure the targeted use of the spurs. This would be a gentle encouragement and an additional reinforcement of the thigh aids.

How do I properly attach spurs?

Spores are generally attached to the back of the boots with a suitable spur strap. But there are other ways of attachment. The most common application of the spurs is that these so-called buckle spurs are strapped to the riding boots using a leather or nylon strap in front of the heel and around the instep. Buckle spurs have the great advantage that they can be used quickly and easily with almost any boot or riding shoe. Only shortly before stepping into the stirrups should these be put on and taken off again immediately after riding in order to reduce the risk of injury for horse and rider.

Spurs, spurs with straps and spore protection

Which spores are suitable for me?

Due to the different disciplines in equestrian sport, dressage, jumping or western riding, not all spurs are the same. Western riders always use wheel spurs. These special western spurs have a long spur neck and a rotatable wheel at the end. Smaller wheel spurs can also be found in dressage. However, in this discipline, models with straight spikes are often used, which are chamfered or rounded at the end. Show jumping riders can use the same models, only this is less common. The question is unnecessary for recreational riders. If you want to start spore riding, you should first choose a variant that is as mild as possible: spore models with rounded thorn ends.

When are spores unsuitable for me?

The use of spores can - like many other aids, e.g. Riding crops - can also be misused. Spurs should not serve the purpose of finally being able to drive the horse faster, but are intended for the finest aids. By using the spurs, the horse tenses its belly, tilts the pelvis and the assembly can be learned better.

Spurs should therefore only be worn by riders who already have a well-balanced fit in order to be able to use the spurs in a targeted manner. The rider must also know how, when and for what spurs are to be used. If this is not yet clear and understandable, we strongly advise against using spores. Improper handling can cause pain or even injury to the horse.

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