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Optimum silage cover is particularly important for top quality silage.

Here you will find everything you need for top silage, from silage film to silage protection net and silage sandbags.

What is silage film?

Silage film is a very strong, stable film that is intended for outdoor use for at least 12 months. The cover film is made of polyethylene plastic and is produced on extruders in a process known as blow moulding.

The decisive criterion when selecting silage film is not only the film thickness. Important properties of a good silage film are oxygen permeability, tear resistance and puncture resistance. These properties are determined by the raw materials used and the production process. Thus, it can easily happen that a thinner silage film has better properties than a thicker film.

What can silage film be used for?

The main application of silage film is in the agricultural sector. Its purpose is to protect silage (maize silage, silage maize, grass silage). Silage films maintain the quality of silage in feed silos or driving silos. The silage sheet forms an oxygen barrier and thus ensures that the silage is preserved for months. In addition, the silage film protects the valuable feedstuff from wild animals, UV radiation and other weather influences. Silage is mostly used as animal feed for dairy cattle, cattle, horses and other farm animals.

However, silage film is not only used for feed silos. Due to their technical properties, silage films are often used for other purposes, for example as construction films on building sites to protect pits and other openings from water penetration. They protect sensitive (construction) materials from wind and moisture. Agricultural films are also used as silo covers by biogas plant operators. In some cases, high silos are also protected and sealed with our high-quality silo films.

Furthermore, cover films are also used for smaller construction sites in private use. Whether you are laying out a new garden, covering the pool / pond with pool film or protecting your furniture, wood piles and more, cover film will stop any moisture. Gardening as a mulch film also makes it easy to grow vegetables and fruit.

Cover silage properly in 5 steps

The airtight covering of silage: professional application makes high-quality fodder possible

  1. At the beginning of any ensiling process, it is important to place the crop cleanly in the feed silo. To ensure optimum protection and appropriate sealing at the lateral edges of the silo, the sidewall film is laid out along the silo sidewalls. The film on the side walls should reach 1 metre into the feed silo at the bottom and be able to be wrapped around 1 metre over the top of the feed silage. This effectively prevents corner losses.
  2. After the crop has been brought in, a trough should be made in the silage along the silo wall before the side wall film is driven in. This is where the sandbags will later be placed for optimal weighting.
  3. Before the actual silage film is applied, it is recommended to use an underlay film (also called suction film) for every type of silage. Underlay films with a thickness of 40 μm are movable and are, so to speak, sucked onto the fodder by adhesion forces. The suction film thus ensures that only very little air is trapped under the silage film. The silage film is then laid on top of this underlay film. A new development are special silage films in which the silage film is combined with an underlay film. This system saves not only material costs but also labour costs, as only one film needs to be laid out. This is particularly advantageous in windy weather.
  4. After laying the film, use our silo protection grids to protect the feed silo from damage, for example by wild animals or environmental influences.
  5. Finally, weigh down the silo grid with sandbags. Silo sandbags offer the simplest and at the same time best possibility to fix and weigh down the silo film.

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