Siglhorse - high quality horse food

People used to make things easier: From time to time, horses got stuffed with oats, and otherwise they had to gather in the pasture the luscious stalks themselves. Today we know that the four-legged friends, depending on their age, season and many other circumstances, quite different food needs to stay fit thanks balanced nutrition. Horse food of all kinds you buy best here in our Online shop - expert advice and reasonable prices included!

Of course, in our shop you can also buy oats as horse food: no one would doubt that the animals are not particularly attached to the grain. It tastes good and promotes digestion. With us you can order oats in purified form and black oats in sacks of five or 25 kilograms, plus squeezed oats in five- or 20-kilogram portions, which is easier to chew and best for both foals and older horses with dental problems suitable. Another staple food is alfalfa hay, which is characterized by a high protein content and considerable fiber content.

Horse food can be bought as cereals or pellets

If you appreciate a tasty and crunchy muesli in the morning, you should treat your horse to something similar. Our special diet mixes from Siglhorse carry this name and are adapted to many different nutritional requirements: whether as a horse muesli "mother love" for pregnant or lactating mares and their foals, as a "joy of life" for older horses with digestive problems or as a "bundle of energy" for all Four-legged friends who want to (or should) do great things. Please refer to our product descriptions for the detailed ingredients of our horse muesli mixes so you can be sure to buy the right horse feed for your pet.