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A shovel is part of the basic equipment of every farm. Whether shovels for working on the barn, in the yard or in the garden - At Agrarzone you will find a wide range of aluminum shovels, grain shovels, snow shovels, sand shovels, feed shovels & muck and slurry pushers for everyday use.

Anyone who runs an agricultural business or implements a new garden project needs a qualitative selection of robust tools: For this purpose you will find a wide range of shovels, manure scoops and water pushers for this purpose, which impress with high-quality workmanship and are a reliable and durable tool. Thanks to the large assortment of different blades, the right blade model is available for every project at Agrarzone.

Overview: Shovels at Agrarzone

  • Stable tool for yard, stable, pasture & garden
  • Snow shovel, sand shovel, feed shovel, water scraper and much more.
  • High quality workmanship & particularly durable
  • Made of aluminum or plastic
  • With butt edge or without butt edge
  • No risk thanks to the 30-day money-back guarantee

How to find the right shovel for your project

A high-quality professional shovel for everyday use in the yard and barn or a sand shovel for the stratification of earth, sand or soft bulk material - Depending on the area of application, the different shovel models differ in size, shape and material. This means you have a shovel that is perfectly tailored to your application.

At Agrarzone we have the following shovels, muck and slurry pushers & water pushers:

  • Aluminum shovel: For regular work in the yard, stable, pasture & garden. Practically also available with an extendable handle.
  • Grain shovel & Snow shovel: For moving grain and removing snow from the vehicle fleet.
  • Sand shovel: For finishing sand, gravel, earth and other loose materials.
  • Feed scoop: Practical dosage of concentrate or litter.
  • Manure scoop: With a manure scoop, the disposal of manure is done in no time.
  • Muck- & Slurry Pusher: You can reliably remove dirt, manure, manure, liquid manure and water with a muck and slurry pusher & water pusher.

Practical accessories for your shovel:

  • Mistboy wall bracket: Practical wall bracket for stowing your manure scoop.
  • Replacement shovel stick: If the shovel arm is defective, the stick of our shovels can be replaced in no time at all.
  • Bucket: Building rubble, garden waste, grain or fodder can be filled into a practical bucket with the shovel for further Transport.

Find the optimal shovel with 5 questions

Question 1: Do you need a stable shovel for daily work in the stable and yard?

If you work regularly in the yard or on the pasture, you should ideally use a robust aluminum shovel with a sturdy wooden handle. Made of extra thick aluminum and equipped with a stable quality shovel stick made of wood, a professional aluminum shovel is the ideal aid for any farmer who values a reliable and durable tool.

Question 2: Do you regularly carry out earth or sand work on the pasture or in the garden?

The shifting of several cubic meters of sand, earth, rubble or other loose materials can be done in a short time with a suitable sand shovel. For example, the hole for the foundation of the new garden house is excavated within a few hours. To save you additional work, we have high-quality Frankfurt shovels and Bavarian sand shovels at Agrarzone.

The Frankfurt shovel with a heart-shaped blade is used to shift sand, earth and soft bulk material.

Because of its pointed shape, the Bavarian sand shovel is also ideal for gravel and solid surfaces. A web at the rear end of the airfoil ensures that the bulk material cannot slide easily over the rear area of the airfoil.

Question 3: Do you regularly remove the pasture and stall from manure and manure?

The MISTBOY manure scoop is ideal for conveniently collecting and disposing of manure such as horse apples or dog piles. With this practical manure scoop with rake you can collect manure without having to bend down. The Mistboy is also ideal for boxing and for horse transporters or for quickly clearing the paddock. The Mistboy MINI is available for children. The optimal size of the shovel and the height of the handle have been designed in such a way that the filling volume and comfort are suitable for young riders.

With a Muck- & Slurry Pusher you can remove dirt, manure and snow in no time, even on uneven floors. The manure scraper is used in a variety of ways, even as a water pusher or feed scoop, making it an indispensable aid for every stable and Yard.

Question 4: Do you regularly refine grain or do you want to clear your farm of snow in winter?

A snow shovel / grain shovel is ideal for you if you regularly refine large amounts of grain or clear your yard of snow on cold days. Grain shovels & Snow shovels are particularly wide and made from a lightweight material to make work and weight easier.

If you regularly push grain or clear snow, then it is best to use a grain shovel with a bottom edge made of more resistant metal due to its wear resistance.

Question 5: Do you need a scoop for feeding or dosing concentrated feed?

A feed scoop & weighing scoop is versatile: Whether for weighing concentrated feed or also for dosing the litter of your cat, a feed scoop ensures that it is particularly easy to use. A feed scoop allows for easy and clean refilling of feed or litter from the original packaging.

At Agrarzone you will find a large selection of practical feed scoops made of aluminum and plastic. Thanks to different sizes and different shapes, you can choose a feed scoop that is ideally tailored to your personal Needs.

Buy shovels from Agrarzone

At Agrarzone you will find an extensive range of different shovel models, with which you are perfectly equipped for every project. In addition to the diverse assortment, you benefit from long-term low prices at Agrarzone: the high quality of our products means fewer defects and therefore less maintenance. The bottom line is that you save cash.

Discover our large selection of shovels and practical accessories for stable & farm and order practical shovels for your farm & stable operations conveniently at home.

Practical accessories for daily stable work:

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