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Our sheep feed & goat feed is the ideal feed for the basic care of sheep, lambs and goats. The sheep and brick fodder consists of the best Austrian grain and is guaranteed to be produced without genetic engineering.

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On this page you will find the optimal feed for sheep, lambs & goats and valuable information and tips for the following feeding areas:

  • Tips for successful milk sheep feeding and lamb rearing
  • Tips for successful lamb feeding for the lamb fattening
  • Tips for successful milk goat feeding

Buy sheep feed, lamb feed & goat feed for successful sheep and goat breeding, dairy farming & meat production

Whether for dairy farming, lamb fattening or for safe and healthy sheep and goat breeding - sheep feeding and goat feeding have different requirements depending on the area of application. In order to meet these requirements, we at Agrarzone offer you species-appropriate and balanced sheep feed & goat feed at an affordable price. Our sheep feed and goat feed meet the needs of the animals due to its high-quality feed components. With our sheep feed & goat feed, the animals grow healthy and produce the best milk and meat quality for profitable corporate success!

Our species-appropriate and balanced sheep feed & goat feed was developed by experts and has been successfully used by farmers, sheep breeders and private goat farmers for many years. Due to the high feed quality, which is guaranteed by high-quality raw materials and strict controls, sheep and goat feed is extremely popular and healthy.

Our feed mixes contain all the important nutrients and are perfectly tailored to the needs of goats and sheep. High-quality raw materials from the region are used, which leads to short transport routes and strengthens regional agriculture. The sheep feed, like the lamb feed and the goat feed, is guaranteed to be GMO-free.

Sheep feed for dairy sheep and pregnant ewes - high milk yield and best milk quality

For Milk sheeps our Leimüller lamb feed is particularly nutritious and supplies milk sheep with many vitamins, proteins and minerals. Our sheep feed in the best Austrian quality naturally increases the milk yield and milk quality of sheep and ensures healthy lamb rearing. Our Göweil organic sheep feed pellets are available for organic certified companies. Thanks to high-quality feed components of the best quality, our organic sheep feed meets the high demands placed on organic feed.

Healthy lamb rearing & lamb fattening with natural lamb fattening feed

A high-quality lamb feed is particularly important for healthy lamb rearing and ensures high daily gains and the best meat quality. We recommend our Leimüller lamb feed for the first few weeks of life. The tasty and species-appropriate lamb feed is made from the best regional grain and provides the young lambs with many important nutrients. Thanks to the high energy content of the lamb fattening feed, the young fawns quickly gain in mast weight. You can achieve shortened lamb fattening, excellent meat quality and profit for the company with our high-quality lamb fattening feed.

Our lamb feed in high organic quality is the Göweil organic sheep feed lamb feed. Thanks to the coarse pellets, the young lambs can absorb the balanced and tasty lamb feed particularly well.

Balanced goat feed for milk goats, mother goats and goat breeding

Mother goats and dairy goats also need particularly nutritious goat feed for goat rearing and high milk yield. The Leimüller lamb feed consists of high-quality feed components from Austria and is the ideal basic feed for goats. Thanks to its valuable feed components, our goat feed covers the goats' energy requirements and has a positive influence on fawn breeding and the milk yield of milk goats.

Our goat feed in organic quality is the Göweil organic goat feed pellets. The tasty goat feed meets the high standards set for organic goat husbandry and provides the animals with many vitamins, proteins, proteins and minerals in goat rearing and goat milk production.

Tips for successful milk sheep feeding & lamb rearing:

Tip 1: Energy and performance-appropriate sheep feeding

The milk sheep eats significantly less in the last month of gestation due to the increased space requirement of the fetuses. Adequate supply of high-energy sheep feed is very important for the optimal development of the lambs. Provide the mother animal with particularly nutrient-rich concentrate during this time and increase the concentrate intake from approx. 0.3 kg to 0.5 kg. With a mineral feed supplement with a good, narrow Ca: P ratio (1: 1), you can additionally reduce metabolic problems and prevent "milk fever".

Tip 2: Increase fertility with the "flushing effect"

The fertility of a dairy sheep can be increased by slowly increasing the sheep's food (flushing feeding). It is best to increase the sheep's feed from 0.3 kg to 0.5 kg four weeks before covering until four weeks after.

Tip 3: Sheep feed with many minerals for healthy udders and claws

Milk sheep need particularly high-energy sheep feed in the first weeks of pregnancy. During this time, feed the milk sheep with particularly mineral-rich and nutrient-rich concentrated feed for sheep in order to provide the milk sheep with sufficient vitamin E and selenium for the lamb birth. The undersupply of minerals and trace elements otherwise has a negative effect on the growth of the placenta and reduces the survival rate of the lamb.

Tips for successful lamb feeding for lamb fattening:

Tip 1: Nutrient-rich lamb feed with many minerals for strength & vitality

In addition to the duration of the fattening and the quality of the meat, lamb fattening feeding also affects the health of the lambs. Vitamin E and selenium are particularly important for healthy lambs - so make sure you have an adequate supply of vitamins and minerals. You can also ensure an adequate supply of minerals by using special leaks in the barn and pasture.

Tip 2: No stress when breast milk is discontinued

Weaning the lamb from breast milk causes increased stress in young lambs. During this time, do not bring any changes within the flock or sheepfold to avoid unnecessarily stressing the lamb.

Tip 3: Cleanliness and temperature of the troughs

Clean the trough regularly and check the flow rate so that the lambs can drink enough water. Also pay attention to the hygiene of the thread and the nucel. The water temperature should neither be too high nor too low. Especially in winter, please pay attention to a constant water temperature of the heated drinker (approx. 37-38 degrees).

Tip 4: Avoid urinary stones in longhorn lambs

If the Ca: P ratio (potassium-phosphorus ratio) is too high and there is a lack of salt or water at the same time, urinary stones can form in the lamb. Provide the lambs with high-quality lamb feed and drink enough water to avoid the formation of urinary stones.

Tips for successful milk goat feeding:

Tip 1: Adjust the amount of lamb feed to the lactation phase of the goat

When feeding goats, please note that the need for energy and protein varies in the individual lactation phases (low-bearing, high-bearing, dry-standing). Sufficient feeding of goat feed is crucial, especially with pregnant goats, since protein and energy supply cannot be covered with basic feed alone.

Tip 2: A clean goat stable for healthy goats and fawns

In every goat stable, hygiene is a key factor for healthy goats and operational success. Disinfect the milking cluster regularly and change the bedding. Clean and disinfect the goat stable regularly to prevent diseases and vermin infestation. Hygienic drinking troughs and feeding troughs are also particularly important for a clean goat stable and should be replaced during the daily stable work.

Tip 3: Vitamin-rich goat food from the chinking

Mother goats need a lot of energy and vitamins in the first weeks of pregnancy. During this time, feed the milk goat with a particularly mineral-rich and nutrient-rich goat feed to provide the goat with enough vitamin E and selenium for the fawn birth. The undersupply of minerals and trace elements otherwise has a negative effect on the growth of the placenta and reduces the survival rate of the Kitzlamm. You can also ensure an adequate supply of minerals by using special leaks in the barn and pasture.

Tip 4: Pay attention to drinking water intake after weaning the colostrum

Get the fawns used to the trough as soon as possible after stopping the colostrum. Harmonizing goat groups are important during this phase, so that the fawns are not displaced by the potions.

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