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Sheep have to be shorn at least once a year - even better twice, once in spring and in autumn! Many farmers ask themselves the question: Why do I have to shear sheep and how do I shear sheep properly and without injuries? On this page you will find the right sheep shearing machine and useful information about shearing sheep. If you need any further items for sheep breeding, you will find everything about sheep breeding and sheep farming in our Agrarzone-Shop!

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Overview of this page:

  • You should keep this in mind when buying a sheep clipper
  • Why do you have to shear sheep?
  • When is the best time to shear sheep?
  • How do you shear sheep?
  • Practical products for sheep farming

You should keep this in mind when buying a sheep clipper

Whether for the production of wool or for the well-being of the sheep - the sheep shearing is an indispensable care measure for sheep keepers and sheep farming. Choosing the right sheep shearer should be tailored to your needs and the needs of your sheep. At Agrarzone you will find professional sheep shearing machines in all price ranges.

When buying a sheep shearer you should note the following:

  1. Engine power: Use a sheep clipper with a high engine power and sufficient pulling power so that you do not have to re-cut more often and do not expose yourself and the sheep to unnecessary stress. At Agrarzone there are sheep shearing machines with electronic control that automatically adapt to the respective fur of the sheep.
  2. Length of the cable: During the sheep shearing the plug of a cable distributor can be very annoying. With a cable length of approx. 4 m - 5 m you can shear the sheep without restrictions.
  3. Mains or battery operation: If you have no socket nearby, a cordless sheep shearer with a long runtime is best suited.
  4. Noise sensitivity: For noise-sensitive animals, a quiet and low-vibration sheep shearing machine with approx. 72 dB (A) is more pleasant.
  5. Weight: Pay attention to the weight of the sheep shearing machine. The lighter the sheep shearing machine, the less tired your arms will be.
  6. Coarse Shearing Blades: The shear knife must not be too fine so that you can get through the thick and dense fur with the sheep shearer. With special sheep blades, the sheep shearing is done in no time!
  7. Handling: As a rule, sheep shearing machines with a plastic housing are lighter and less expensive than those with a metal housing. Non-slip housings and hand straps provide help when working. Most models with their slim and ergonomically shaped housing ensure fatigue-free working and comfortable one-hand operation.
  8. Replacement cutting set: It makes sense to have a sufficient replacement of sheep blades within reach.
  9. Accessories for clipper: With a Cool-Spray & Clean-Spray the sheep clipper blade stays clean, sharp and cool. Clipper oil promotes the life of the clipper blade. Whether practical wall mounts for clippers or fur dryers with skin care brushes - at Agrarzone you will find a large selection of professional and practical accessories for sheep clippers!

Why do you have to shear sheep?

Sheep shearing is an indispensable care measure when keeping sheep. Usually sheep are shorn once a year. Depending on the breed, however, it is better if this happens twice, in spring and in autumn. Not only the valuable wool of the sheep causes the sheep to shear, but also the well-being and health of the sheep. Warm and heavy wool should be removed from the sheep in spring so that the cattle can survive the warm summer temperatures without any health problems. Dirt that gets caught in the wool and can cause a variety of diseases and parasites is also an important reason why sheep have to be sheared.

When is the best time to shear sheep?

The best time for shearing sheep depends on the weather. You should not shear the sheep too hastily in spring, as the temperatures can drop and the sheep would be exposed to the cold. On the other hand, do not set the date for the sheep shearing too late, otherwise it will be too hot for the animals. It is best to choose a day that is suitable for you and your sheep. The same applies to the second sheep shearing in autumn.

  • Tip 1 from the professional: Please make sure that the sheep are not wet when shearing the sheep. Otherwise, the animal or the person who shears the animal may receive an electric shock triggered by the sheep clipper. Shearing wet wool also shortens the life of the sheep cutting machine and wet wool cannot be rolled up or sold.
  • Tip 2 from the professional: For sheep that are used for breeding, it makes sense to shear before the lamb season. The animals eat large amounts in the period in order to produce more body heat and to be sufficiently supplied with energy at birth. You can keep sheared sheep cleaner and the lambs find the teats easier to suck without the wool. You can even identify udder inflammation earlier and thus prevent consequential damage and problems with rearing lamb.

How do you shear sheep?

1. The preparation - What do I need to shear the sheep?

Preparing to shear sheep is at least as important as the shearing process itself. With the right preparation and a good sheep clipper machine for sheep, you save time, protect your equipment and can shear your sheep without problems, stress and complications.

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What you need for the sheep shearing:

2. Shear sheep properly - This is how the sheep shearing succeeds!

There are several ways to remove wool from sheep. In Europe, however, it is common to shear the sheep while standing. To do this, briefly tie the tame sheep to its collar. A suitable sheep necklace and Sheep halter for sheep is particularly helpful when connecting sheep.

Before shearing sheep, please make sure that the animal is healthy and well. Even if you perform the sheep shearing professionally, shearing means an increased stress for the sheep. Get the sheep used to the vibrating sound of the sheep clipper so that it calms down. It is best to round up the sheep in a sheep pen. Sheep are quickly and easily gathered using treatment and catching systems with hutchs and backstops.

During the shearing process, hold the sheep shearing machine in one hand and pull the skin folds of the sheep smooth with the other. So no skin areas are injured. Then shear your back, both sides to the stomach and legs. Then the neck, head and ears are shorn. When shaving these parts of the body, you should pay attention to the ears and, if necessary, keep them aside. Care should also be taken when shaving the areas around the anus and udder.

Professional tip: If you want to sell the fleece (also named wool handling), you should sort the wool while the sheep is shearing. The individual parts of the sheep's body differ in color, curl and hair thickness. Dirty parts of the wool, preferably from the tail, legs, abdomen, head and neck, are filtered out of the wool and not sold.

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3. After shearing - Care & protection against temperature fluctuations

After the sheep shearing, clean the sheep with a Cleaning Brush and drive the cattle back into the sheep herd to the other fellow species. The freshly sheared sheep should protect them from strong sunlight and rain for the next time. Sheep can get sunburned just like we humans. Mobile roof structures for pasture shelters offer the animals sufficient protection against changing temperatures.

Practical products for sheep farming:

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