Saddle & Saddle Pad for horses

The saddle is the most important thing you need for your horse to be able to ride it. He make sure that the rider's weight evenly distributed on the horse's back and the back of her horse is spared. Here at Schnauzerl you will find many treeless saddles, pony saddle sets or beginner saddles.

Saddle cloths are more than just a saddle pad. Thanks to its upholstery, which is also supported by lambskin, it protects the horse's back and also the saddle from the horse's sweat. These useful fashion statements come in various shapes and colors to emphasize your own style or to help the horse in his movement.

There are many reasons why your horse needs a saddle pad in addition to the saddle blanket. Should it be an inappropriate saddle or an uneven muscle growth ... A saddle pad can here temporarily make up for the balance. As with the saddle pad, there are also different models. At, we offer lambskin cushions, gel pads, memory pads or seat cushions.

In order to find the equipment under the whole saddle blanket in your tack room, poles and hooks help to keep order and an overview of your equipment.