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Liquid manure, dung, mud, fertilizer: Rubber boots defy the harsh working conditions in agriculture and protect your feet effectively when it gets wet and slippery. Thanks to their high slip resistance and water resistance, the faithful everyday companions are essential, especially in agriculture.

In agriculture and farming, work is often carried out under wet, dirty and cold environmental conditions. Farmers and the like are constantly in danger of slipping, falling or injuring themselves. Reliable and comfortable rubber boots (also safety boots, wellington boots or work boots) are comfortable to wear, which is particularly important if you wear your rubber boots every day. Wellington boots prevent accidents at work and increase the well-being of your feet and accordingly also your work motivation and work performance.

At Agrarzone you will find an extensive range of high-quality rubber boots, work boots and safety boots to give you the protection you deserve at work. Regardless of the agricultural activity you need rubber boots for, our rubber boots are ideally suited for all activities in the agricultural environment, like livestock supply, harvesting, farming and plowing, as well as many other areas of application.

Wellington boots are perfect for the following areas of use:

  • Agriculture
  • Work outdoors in any weather
  • Construction & Industry
  • Food industry
  • Hunt
  • Gardening
  • Fishing & angling
  • Equestrian sport
  • Walks in rainy weather & mud
  • Walking the dog
  • Vacation in the North

Here are some things to look out for when buying your rubber boots:

Not all rubber boots are the same: There is a wide range of different rubber boots in the specialist market in knee-high, calf-high or ankle-high versions. The rubber boots also differ in the material. There are rubber boots made of neoprene, PVC or flexible rubber.

If you consider the following factors when choosing your new rubber boots, nothing stands in the way of your purchase of rubber boots:

  1. Slip resistance: Does the rubber boot have a deep, non-slip profile? Where it is damp and wet, it is also often slippery and muddy. That's why rubber boots with a really non-slip rubber sole are important. This gives the footwear a high level of slip resistance and secure traction.
  2. Comfort: How high is the wearing comfort? Can the rubber boot be put on and taken off quickly? Do you feel every bump when walking or is the rubber boot well cushioned? If you wear your rubber boots seven days a week, all day long, you need high-quality, comfortable footwear. Your feet should feel comfortable even after a long day at work.
  3. Quality: In agricultural operations, the calculation is an essential factor for operational success. So you have to calculate exactly how much money you will spend on your work equipment. With rubber boots of excellent quality, paired with a long durability and service life, you effectively reduce your operating costs.
  4. Waterproof: Regardless of whether you want to use the rubber boots for work in agriculture or in the garden, or for long walks in wind and weather: Rubber boots must be waterproof in any case.
  5. Protection factor: In agriculture, many dangers lurk every day when working with cattle or heavy equipment in the field. Protect your feet with high-quality safety boots that are resistant to slurry, dirt, manure and other chemicals or solutions.
  6. Material: Another safety aspect is the material. Are the feet and especially the toes well protected by a solid, inflexible material? This prevents injuries if something falls on your foot or you bump yourself while working.
  7. Flexible boot shaft: Wellies with adjustable shafts are not only useful for people with strong calves. This makes it easier for you to tuck your trouser legs into the work boots in adjustable rubber boots.
  8. Application environment: Working in winter places particularly high demands on footwear. With lined thermal rubber boots, you are effectively protected even in the cold and ice. If, on the other hand, you work regularly in the heat, a breathable rubber boot is recommended.

Wellies women & men - Wellington boots with excellent comfort

At Agrarzone you will find a large assortment of practical work boots for a wide variety of jobs. In this category you will find, for example, work boots that are especially suitable for agriculture or the chemical industry. There are also suitable models at Agrarzone for horticulture and the food industry.

You can choose between high quality brands such as Muck Boots or Dunlop. There are also boots that have a particularly high safety class and are equipped with a steel toe or steel sole. Other models of rubber boots have a warm thermal lining for work in very cold temperatures.

At Agrarzone you can purchase rubber boots in various shaft lengths either as high work boots, ankle-high garden shoes or as low work shoes for quick on and off. Thanks to the large selection of different designs, rubber boots have established themselves as real trend shoes and are enjoying increasing popularity.

The Dunlop rubber boots are characterized by a particularly high level of comfort and the highest quality materials. Thanks to the revolutionary PUROTEX material, the Dunlop Snugboot Pioneer rubber boot series is the first breathable, flexible and waterproof boot shaft.

The Muck Boots for women and men are waterproof yet flexible. These work boots are perfectly adapted to extreme weather conditions and have an exceptionally good footbed and cushioning.

The Bekina rubber boots are the lightweights among rubber boots and up to 40% lighter than conventional PVC rubber boots. This not only makes the rubber boots more comfortable to wear, but also lasts 3-4 times longer than a conventional PVC rubber boot.

Work boots with steel toecaps and penetration protection for maximum safety

Our safety boots with S5 safety level offer maximum protection in dangerous work environments. With penetration protection and steel toe caps, the work boots are for agriculture, construction, fishing and much more. Wellington boots for daily use are not only characterized by maximum safety, but also by a comfortable fit.

The safety boot Dunlop Purofort S5 with steel toe cap with integrated toe protection and penetration protection made of steel protects your feet and toes during all activities where heavy objects can fall on your feet. The Dunlop Purofort + S5 rubber boot also offers extra space in the toe area.

With a steel toe cap and additional insulation down to -50 ° C, the Bekina S4 Thermolite safety boot shows its strengths wherever the wearer is exposed to adverse weather conditions.

Thermal work boots for winter

Snow, ice, cold and the risk of slipping and injuring yourself: The colder the temperature, the more important it is to have the right footwear. Thermal rubber boots for winter offer an optimal level of protection and warmth. Especially if you have to work outdoors in winter, like shoveling snow or driving cattle in the pasture, you can rely on lined thermal rubber boots.

The perfect winter thermal boot is of course waterproof and has warm insulation. Equipped with an abrasion-resistant, slip-resistant outsole with a pronounced profile, a winter rubber boot ensures a particularly secure hold.

Popular thermal rubber boots at Agrarzone:

The Dunlop Purofort Thermo + S5 safety boot with lined fabric is designed for use at temperatures as low as -50 ° C and is therefore not only suitable for work in cold European weather, but also for holidays in Scandinavian areas.

The Dunlop Blizzard winter boot, on the other hand, has a thick and comfortable synthetic fur lining. The pleasant wearing comfort and the slip resistance make the work shoe an ideal winter boot.

The Bekina S5 Steplite XCI safety boot is the ideal combination of a summer and winter boot. Experience the comfort of a summer boot reinforced with the thermal properties of a winter boot.

The Muck Boots Arctic Sport, which is perfectly adapted to extremely wintry weather conditions, is used for the ultimate thermal insulation. With 5 mm thick neoprene and a soft fleece lining, the boot provides optimal thermal insulation.

These accessories match your rubber boots:

  • Insoles for rubber boots: Insoles for rubber boots also improve the cushioning of the sole, absorb moisture and thus ensure even more comfort in the rubber boot.
  • Boot cleaner: With a practical boot cleaner made of stainless steel, you can effortlessly clean your rubber boots with water.
  • Riding shoes & riding boots: Do you need additional riding shoes, chaps or ankle boots? Discover a large selection with different shoe models for agriculture & equestrian sports.
  • Shoe dryer: Should water get into the rubber boots, a shoe dryer will reduce the drying time to a minimum. The Lenz shoe dryer is not only suitable for rubber boots, but also for all shoe types and sizes - even gloves.
  • Boot bag: With a robust boot bag you can transport your work boots and riding boots in a handy and protected manner.
  • Work boot accessories: You will find further useful boot accessories such as boot straps, storage bags and laces in this category.

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