Lifting equipment: Buy round slings & webbing slings at Agrarzone

Whether in forestry or agriculture, in construction or for private use when camping: When it comes to securing and moving heavy loads, round slings and webbing slings are indispensable slings.

As a particularly robust textile lifting device, webbing slings and round slings are essential in load securing and lifting technology. Whether for use in loading, lifting and carrying or when towing heavy loads - Webbing slings, round slings and much more are perfectly designed for the corresponding areas of application.

At Agrarzone you will find a large selection of high quality webbing slings and round slings. The quality tapes that you can buy from Agrarzone comply with all the standards and regulations that apply to them, such as the European standard DIN EN 1492-1. Thanks to a robust and durable choice of materials, these load securing devices are the ideal companions for everyday use.

When do you use a roung sling and when a webbling sling?

You should choose the sling so that the intended use, the length and the fastening method are suitable for the upcoming use:

Round slings are particularly popular for surface-sensitive loads. Round slings are light as a feather, easy to handle, flexible and adapt to the load accordingly.

Webbing slings are used when a wide and clean contact surface is possible on the load. Due to a wide contact surface, the pressure of the load is distributed over a larger area. Sensitive goods can be lifted more carefully than with a narrow band.

Do you need a stable lifting device for lifting, pulling and carrying loads? At Agrarzone you will find, without exception, high-quality webbing slings and round slings, which are characterized by their versatility and high quality.

Overview of all advantages: That's why you need webbing slings and round slings

  • Qualitative webbing straps and round slings are feather-light and supple slings that can be easily transported.
  • They adapt to the shape of the load and do not require a lot of space for storage.
  • Webbing straps and round slings are wear-resistant even when moving heavy loads.
  • They do not conduct electricity.
  • A particularly robust protective layer made of impregnated polyurethane protects against signs of wear.
  • Webbing straps and round slings protect the surfaces of your loads and move the load many times better than chain slings or rope slings do.

Round sling & webbing sling with loop: For continuous use in any weather

Webbing slings and round slings are used extremely well so that loads weighing several tons with sensitive surfaces can be moved as safely as possible. But the slings must be extremely resilient and of very high quality so that they do not pose a safety risk. Our webbing slings and round slings are made from a stable microfilament yarn and are additionally double-coated. Extremely strong materials such as polyamide, polyester or polypropylene ensure a long lifespan of the webbing slings and round slings.

The lifting loops of the lifting gear have been reinforced and provide effective protection against damage. Our webbing slings and round slings are durable, have a long shelf life and of course have the prescribed color coding, which determines the respective permissible load.

Of course, the highest safety requirements according to DIN EN 1492-1 were taken into account in the manufacture of the slings, so that all necessary guidelines are complied with when handled properly.

Pay attention to the color when buying webbing slings & round slings

The colors of the round slings and webbing slings are regulated by law and provide information about the maximum load, which is also marked on the corresponding lifting device:

  • Pink = 500 kg
  • Purple = 1,000 kg
  • Dark green = 1,500 kg
  • Light green = 2,000 kg
  • Yellow = 3,000 kg
  • Gray = 4,000 kg
  • Red = 5,000 kg
  • Brown = 6,000 kg
  • Blue = 8,000 kg
  • Orange = from 10,000 kg

Note: Always use slings that are approved for the corresponding load!

7 helpful tips for using round slings and webbing slings:

  • With every use, pay attention to the WLL (Working Load Limit) marking, which indicates the maximum permissible work load of the lifting gear.
  • Make sure that the webbing sling or round sling are not defective. Never load the round sling or the webbing sling if it is knotted or twisted.
  • If the label on the webbing sling and round slings is illegible, do not use it under any circumstances.
  • Replace the sling if parts of the sheathing or seams are broken or the tapes have various yarn breaks in the fabric that are more than 10% of the cross-section.
  • When carrying sharp-edged loads or loads with rough surfaces, you should only use round slings and webbing slings if the endangered areas are protected with edge or surface protection. In order to avoid damage to the round slings or webbing slings and to significantly increase the service life, you can also protect the lifting gear with protective hoses made of stable polyurethane (Flexoclip).
  • Only clean dirty lifting gear with clear water, as cleaning agents could attack the material.
  • If webbing slings and round slings are not in use, it is advisable to store the sling gear in a clean, airy and dry place.

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