Polywire & Rope Insulator

  • Withstand heavy loads optimally
  • Insulate electricity reliably in all weather conditions
  • Can be ordered in large quantities

What are polywire & rope insulators

Polywire and rope insulators are insulators which are used for polywire or rope as conductor material. As insulators, they prevent electrical voltage from being lost in the fence and being undesirably discharged into the ground.

The hard-wearing polywire/rope insulators withstand all weather conditions. Even in snow and wind they can withstand heavy loads optimally and reliably insulate electricity.

Polywire/rope insulators are available in large quantities. This saves you tiresome re-ordering and allows you to quickly erect your pasture fence.

With 3 questions about the right polywire/rope insulator

1. Do you want to erect your pasture fence particularly quickly?

Nail insulators are the most time-saving version of polywire/rope insulators. These are simply driven into the pasture post with a nail. In this way wire and ropes can be threaded quickly.

2. Do you attach importance to firm anchoring and stability?

Polywire and rope insulators with wood thread anchor particularly well in wooden posts and thus contribute to the overall stability of the fence. Models with double screw connections at the upper and lower end of the polywire/rope insulator keep the conductor material particularly stable at the required height. polywire/rope insulators with polycarbonate brackets are extremely shatterproof and are also more durable.

3. You would like to integrate additional pasture posts?

Models with pull-out "pin" can be easily integrated into existing fence systems at any time. Wire and rope can be easily inserted and fixed in these insulators.

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