Ring insulators

  • Can be used for polywire, ropes and narrow fencing tapes
  • As guide insulators, ring insulators prevent sagging of the electric fence
  • Easy to screw in facilitates the construction of the pasture fence
  • In wet conditions, drip noses ensure best quality of the insulator

What are ring insulators?

Ring insulators are round insulators that contribute to the safe conduction of electricity in your fence. In the case of an electric fence, insulators separate the live conductor material from the post and thus prevent the undesirable discharge of voltage into the ground.

Due to their shape, ring insulators can be used for polywire, ropes as well as for fencing tapes.

The construction of the pasture fence is simplified by ring insulators, as they can be screwed directly into the fence post. This means that you do not need to drill additional holes or purchase additional fixing material for the ring insulator.

Ring insulators are used as guide insulators in the fence structure and keep the conductor material at the desired height. This prevents the fence from sagging and your animal from getting away. A tensioned fence also prevents wild animals from easily entering.

Even when wet, ring insulators insulate reliably. The integrated drip noses reliably drain the water without disturbing the function of your electric fence.

Which ring insulator is suitable in which situation?

  1. Ring insulators with wood thread for a wooden grazing pole: ring insulators with wood thread should be used for wooden posts. Ring insulators with self-tapping threads are particularly gentle on wood. They can be screwed in more easily and ensure less cracking in the wood.
  2. Ring insulators with a metric thread for a metal post. For metal posts, ring insulators with metric thread and robust plastic body should be used. These can be fitted in no time at all using screw nuts.
  3. Conductor material too loosely guided: Ring insulator with continuous support helps. Ring insulators with continuous support are suitable for more robust conductor material guidance. Unlike short supports, here the metal piece is embedded in the plastic ring of the insulator. If your animal leans against the fence, for example, the guiding of the conductor material is not affected. Robust insulators can withstand the pressure exerted on the conductor material. This prevents slight damage to the pasture fence.
  4. Animals nibble at posts: Long-stem insulators protect your fence. To prevent the insulator from chewing, long handle ring insulators create a larger distance between the conductor material and the mounting. This keeps animals (mostly horses are affected), which like to nibble on wooden posts, away from them.

This accessory is useful for a ring insulator:

Easier mounting: Ring insulators can be mounted even easier by using the screw-in attachment for drill or cordless screwdriver.

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