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The riding helmet is just as indispensable in equestrian sports as the ball in soccer. The basic equipment of a rider should start with the riding helmet and end with the riding boots. On the one hand, the riding helmets available in many different models complete the riding outfit, and on the other hand, thanks to its protective properties, the riding cap protects the head in the event of an accident due to dropping or from low-hanging branches. Look good with certainty - huge selection of riding helmets for men, women and children from well-known manufacturers, so that you can find your optimal riding helmet here.

On horseback, but not without a riding helmet on your head

A riding helmet is an important part of the basic equipment of the rider and protects against serious injuries in the event of a fall. In addition to a good fit and standardized safety, the comfort of the riding helmet plays an important role. The riding helmet is often the only protection in the event of an accident, which is why it is all the more important that it sits properly and is appropriately adjusted.

Of course it is up to you whether you want to wear a riding helmet or not. For many courses, tournaments, orientation rides and other organized riding events, wearing a riding cap is mandatory and you cannot participate here without a certified riding helmet. Therefore, even the best rider on the calmest horse should use a riding helmet, because "If you have a brain, you protect it!"

Despite the fact that there can always be unexpected situations with our lovely horses, a riding helmet and a safety vest protect against serious injuries.

Personal protective equipment (PPE), CE mark and VG1

Our riding helmets all comply with the currently valid standard VG1 01.040 2014-12, short VG 1. With this standard, the rules for riding caps have become stricter and progress has been made in the material and construction of the helmets.

Among other things, the helmet shell is tested according to the following criteria:

  • Shock absorption test on the forehead, head side and back of the head
  • Penetration
  • stability test
  • fall height
  • Strength test on the chin strap
  • Gooping
  • Flexibility of the screen
  • field of view
  • Plastic thickness

According to the VG1 standard, the helmet must now withstand a fall of 1.80 m and the plastic should be foamed 4-5 mm thick. That is why the new riding helmets often look a little bulkier. Chin protection, as was previously the case, is no longer permitted, as this can lead to broken jaws in the event of a fall.

How long is VG1 up to date? A new standard is already under discussion. In principle, however, this follows the requirements of VG1. In addition to small adjustments and new colors, riders still get the tried and tested models. So if you want to buy a new riding helmet, you can do so with a clear conscience, because due to various discrepancies, the new standard has been postponed indefinitely.

Find and buy the right helmet

Fit, design and comfort play an important role in choosing the right riding helmet. In addition to the greatest possible safety, modern, innovative helmets should also shine visually so that you always cut a good figure in the saddle. With our products, you don't have to choose between safety or optics, but find both combined in a high-quality riding helmet. Our large selection of different colors, shapes, materials and embellishments make every helmet a real eye-catcher.

Depending on the field of application and riding discipline, there are subtle differences in terms of shape and design: classic riding helmets are used for jumping, leisure, hunting and dressage riding, while military helmets are used for eventing. The Militarry helmet differs from the classic riding helmet types essentially in that it lacks a rigid visor.

Size-adjustable helmets, which can be easily adjusted with an adjustment wheel on the back of the head, are particularly suitable as children's riding helmets. So you can buy an affordable riding helmet that fits your child well for 1-2 years.

Riding helmets with glitter are a particular visual eye-catcher: stylish glitter applications give the models from BUSSE and Covalliero that elegant something. The selection of sparkling embellishments for the riding helmets ranges from extravagant glitter trimmings to discreet riding helmets adorned with stones.

Measure head circumference and helmet size correctly

To determine your required size, measure your head circumference with a tape measure. The corresponding riding helmet sizes are assigned to the visible value in cm. If your measured value is in the border area between two sizes, it is best to order both neighboring sizes and then return one of the helmets.

The riding helmet fits correctly if it

... fits comfortably and tightly, but does not push
... lies evenly on the head and does not slip
... there is no finger between head and helmet

Tip: If you shake your head, the riding helmet should not slip.

Adjust the helmet correctly:

  • Adjust the helmet to your head with the continuously adjustable disc system wheel.
  • The chin strap must be as tight as possible. If it is too loose, the helmet can slip
  • The side straps (the Y-strap) fit properly when the top straps cross under the earlobe
  • The entire strapping is tight

Lifetime of a riding helmet

Riding helmets have an expiry date. In general, a riding helmet should be replaced every 5 years, even if it looks flawless from the outside. The reason for this is the inner material, which becomes brittle over time and can no longer absorb an impact as effectively. The tab head is no longer protected to the maximum. A polycarbonate helmet should be replaced every 3-4 years and a fiberglass or carbon helmet every 5-6 years. The decisive factor is not the use in years but the date of manufacture of the helmet.

If the rider falls or the helmet has been subjected to severe impact, replace this helmet immediately.
After such a great deal of force, small micro-cracks in the inner helmet are very likely to occur. These are often not visible, but have a significant impact on the safety function of the riding helmet. In the event of another accident, the riding helmet can no longer guarantee its maximum function.

Exposure to damage factors such as weather conditions, temperature fluctuations or sunlight can also permanently damage the riding helmet. Protect your helmet optimally by transporting the head protection in a protective cover or in a helmet case to avoid scratches and dirt.

Conclusion: buy riding helmets online

Conclusion: A riding helmet protects the rider's head. Leisure riders, at tournaments or in daily training - riding helmets are essential. To help you find the best riding helmet for you, we offer a wide range of riding helmets from well-known manufacturers. In addition to a reliable riding helmet, suitable breeches, riding jackets, riding gloves and riding boots complete the attractive outfit. With our cheap offers around equestrian sports you create the best possible harmony between horse and rider and make a sensational appearance.

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