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In addition to leather riding boots, we also offer thermal riding boots with a warming inner lining at a great price. These are guaranteed not to let you down even on a cold winter day. You will also find shoes and ankle boots with lining in several colours in our wide range of products. These can simply be washed off and are therefore particularly easy to care for. Our elegant ankle boots and shoes have removable inner soles and shock-absorbing rubber professional soles. We also offer waterproof and breathable shoes and boots. We have chaps for children and adults in synthetic and genuine leather. These range from classic designs to elegant chaps trimmed with rhinestones.

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Do you already own riding boots? You can also order suitable accessories at a reasonable price from us. Care and proper storage are important to ensure that your boots remain beautiful and durable for as long as possible. To ensure that you have long-term fun with your new boots, you can find the right laces, zip cleaners and shoe dryers here. For the optimal fit of your leather boots, we stock boot trees in various sizes. If you are still looking for a suitable place to store your boots, our boot bags in various colours with padded carrying handles and additional pockets for accessories are just the thing for you. You are also welcome to contact us if you have any questions: We are available by phone as well as via e-mail and look forward to advising you personally!