Electric fence reel

  • Enables fast winding and unwinding of conductor materials
  • Saves time with mobile fence systems
  • Simultaneous winding of several conductor materials on a roll stand

What is an electric fence reel?

Reels are cylindrical devices suitable for winding or unwinding ropes, wires, tapes etc.

In order to store or transport your wire material safely, you can roll up polywire, rope, tape or wire onto a reel or wire dispenser.

Especially with mobile fencing systems, reels save valuable time during assembly and dismantling. They therefore make a considerable contribution to making work easier.

Due to their diameter, up to four conductor materials can be attached to a reel stand at the same time. This means that you do not have to wind each row on its own reel for multiple fencing.

With 3 questions on the appropriate use of the reel

1. which reel can be used for which conductor material?

Basically all reels can be used for electric fence polywire, rope, tape. However, if you want to dismantle a fence made of wire, you should use specially designed wire reels.

2. how many metres of wire material fit onto one reel?

How many meters of conductive material fit on a reel depends on the size of the reel but also on the width and thickness of your conductive material.

Extra big reels have the largest capacity. Here you can, for example, roll up approx. 1200m tape or 1000m rope or 2000m stranded wire.

In comparison, smaller models with a diameter of 180cm can hold approx. 200m tape, 200m rope or 400-500m stranded wire.

3. how to roll up the conductor material on a reel.

Conductor materials are rolled up by hand. In the case of extensive pastures, geared reel can save time and above all energy. Thanks to the high-performance gear with 3-fold transmission, the conductor material can be rolled up three times more material with one turn.

Which accessories are helpful with a reel?

Faster rewinding with drill reel adapter: The drill attachment additionally accelerates the dismantling of pasture fence systems. This means that the conductor material does not have to be wound up by hand.

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