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Raw Material Feed consists of individual components and can be used wonderfully for the production of various types of compound feed. Our Raw Material Feed is largely organic certified and, through strict quality control and repeated careful cleaning, is given the quality necessary to meet the high demands placed on animal feeding.

Whether Raw Material Feed for farm animals such as cows, sheep, goats, horses or for pets such as rodents, birds, dogs or cats - a species-appropriate Raw Material Feed provides the animals with many nutrients that they need for a long and healthy life.

Our rich Raw Material Feed impresses with its outstanding quality and naturalness, which every animal tastes good. Our animal feed from the Leimüller brand has proven itself in use in agriculture and private pet farming for many years and is guaranteed to be GMO-free.

Raw Material Feed Overview:

  • Basically consists of one type of grain (like wheat, oats, barley or corn)
  • Provides the animals with many nutrients in a natural way
  • Suitable for the production of compound feed
  • Mixing in supplementary feed is necessary (like vitamins, amino acids, etc.)
  • Repeated careful cleaning
  • Mostly organic certified

Premium Quality Raw Material Feed - Nutrient-rich feed for farm animals and pets

Which Raw Material Feed is suitable for which animal? Depending on the animal species and area of application, the feed material must meet the animal's needs and different requirements. On this page you will find the optimal Raw Material Feed for your animal and valuable information and tips on feeding with this food.

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Raw Material Feed for farm animals - This way horses, sheep, goats, cows etc. stay healthy

Oats have been the typical grain for horses for many years. But healthy feed oats are also extremely popular with sheep, goats and cows. Because of its good taste and the many important ingredients, the feed oat is ideal as a Raw Material Feed. The tasty feed oat is not only eaten very much, it also makes the animals vital, cheerful and increases their level of activity.

Our Leimüller oat cleaned is a natural and unadulterated feed. Cultivated on the fertile fields of the Alpine foothills, our feed oats represent an optimal single feed for the nutrition of farm animals. The oats are guaranteed to be dust-free thanks to strict quality control and repeated careful cleaning using a special cleaning process.

Particularly high demands are placed on organic farms. Thanks to high-quality feed ingredients in the best organic quality, the organic oats from Leimüller meet the high demands placed on organic feed. The organic oat is the most protein-rich grain and contains many important ingredients such as zinc, iron, calcium, silicon, manganese and also important vitamins (B1 + E) as well as essential fatty acids.

The fodder oats squeezed is particularly suitable for older animals or animals with dental problems. Squeezed, the oats are easier to chew and therefore ideal for young animals with not yet fully developed teeth. Leimüller crushed oats is the ideal addition to the species-appropriate nutrition of your animals. The oats are gently squeezed and dedusted using a special process.

Black oat is natural, untreated and helps the animals with the digestive process. Black oats are more resistant to fungal attack during field growth compared to conventional oats. Due to a strict quality control and multiple thorough cleaning, this product is given the properties necessary to keep horses & co. healthy.

3 valuable tips for feeding with Raw Material Food

Is it better to feed whole or squeezed oats?

You can feed your animal both squeezed and whole oats. Crushed oats are particularly suitable for old animals with bad or missing teeth that have problems with food intake. Even young animals that are still growing can absorb the crushed oats very well.

Do you need additional feed and mineral feed for Raw material food?

Feed oats, wheat and more contain a variety of important vitamins and nutrients. However, these nutrients are not sufficient to provide the animals with enough minerals. You should add a supplementary feed to the Raw Material Feed at every meal, which contains all the important species-specific necessary minerals.

Does oat really have a positive effect on the vitality of the animals?

Horses and many other animals make oats happy and cheerful. The nutrient-rich oats work around 1 to 2 hours after feeding. During this time you can make optimal use of the animal's concentrated energy. If, on the other hand, you want to take it easy, then it is best to wait until at least 3 hours after feeding the animal or to reduce the daily amount of oats.

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Raw Material Feed for poultry - Promote optimal laying performance of chickens & quail

Wheat is particularly popular with poultry like chickens & quail. The Leimüller organic wheat has been cleaned several times and is ideally suited as poultry feed. The product is subject to the strict organic quality requirements. The exact quality control and careful cleaning several times give the chicken feed the necessary properties to meet the highest demands in animal feeding.

Our Leimüller organic barley is also a wonderful tasty Raw Material Feed. The organic barley meets the particularly high demands placed on organic farms and supplies the poultry with a particularly large number of proteins and minerals. The high protein content ensures optimal laying performance and chick rearing.

Our whole organic corn provides the poultry with digestible energy and gives the egg a full-bodied and nutty flavor. Suitable for organic certified farms and enriched with valuable ingredients, our organic corn is a particularly popular single feed for chickens and quail.

On the other hand, broken organic maize is particularly suitable for rearing chicks. The young chicks are better able to peck and swallow the young chicks. This organic feed is also suitable for feeding in organic farms.

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Raw Material Feed - Food for popular housemates such as rodents, birds, dogs & cats

A popular Raw Material Feed for rodents, rabbits and also birds is our pea flake raw material food. Mixed with the basic feed, as a varied snack or to pep up weakened animals - pea flakes can be used universally and are a tasty reward for in between. This healthy feed contains important minerals and amino acids. The starch contained is broken down by squeezing the peas, making it easy to digest. Please note: Pea flakes are not recommended for animals that are sensitive to digestion and that tend to bloat.

Milk thistle seeds are particularly good for the liver and as a single feed for horses, but also for dogs and cats. This liver remedy contains the active ingredient silymarin, which is contained in the fruit skin and can have an antitoxic and regenerative effect. The liver can be detoxified and the formation of new liver cells can be supported. Milk thistle seeds can also promote bile and laxative effects.

What is the difference between Raw Material feed, Compound feed and Complete feed?

Raw Material Feed

As the name suggests, Raw Material Feed consists of individual components that alone are not sufficient to meet requirements (like only oats or only barley). If you mix several different Raw Material Feeds, the feed mixture creates a species-specific compound feed.

Compound feed

Compound feed is created by mixing several Raw Material feeds. This gives you a feed mixture that is ideally tailored to the needs of the animals thanks to its recipe and nutrients. A suitable supplementary feed can be added to the compound feed in order to provide the animal with all the nutrients it needs for a vital and long life.

Complete food

Complete food provides the animals with all the animal-specific nutrients they need. In addition to the complete feed, the animals only have to be offered water. Complete feed is used particularly in poultry farming (chick rearing, laying hens, broiler chickens) and in pig farming. A complete feed is also popular when feeding pets such as rodents, cats and dogs.

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