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Optimal quail feed is particularly important for good laying performance and vital quail. On our page you will find high quality quail food, made from the best ingredients from Austria and of course absolutely GMO-free.

Thanks to quail keeping, a tasty breakfast egg is also possible for people with a high cholesterol level without any restrictions. The particularly easy-care small European chicken birds are very suitable for beginners and can be kept in the garden or on the terrace.

You can order balanced and species-appropriate quail food online in the Agrarzone quail shop. Our quail feed is the ideal basic feed for quail and consists of high quality and natural raw materials. Quality and strengthening regional agriculture are particularly important to us - that's why we only sell quail food from the brands Emmas, Leimüller and Göweil, which are known for their regional quail food from Austria. Our quail food is guaranteed GMO-free and is therefore suitable for the production of GMO-free Food.

Regional quail food for quail rearing & adult laying quail

Whether for quail rearing or for busy laying quails - quail feeding has different requirements depending on the area of application. In order to meet these requirements, we offer you species-appropriate and balanced quail food in our Agrarzone Onlineshop. With our quail food, the poultry grows healthy and produces many tasty breakfast eggs.

We deliver the standard quail food from Leimüller in 5 or 25 kg bags, the special and exclusive mixtures are available in 1, 5 or 25 kg packaging. With the prices, you can trust that we offer the quail food very cheap.

Our quail food for every phase of life:

  • Quail chick food: Healthy quail food from the first day of life to the third week of life.
  • Quail rearing food: From the third week of life to the 6-8 week of life rearing quail food is ideal.
  • Quail food for laying quail: With our quail food for ready-to-lay quail from 6-8 weeks of age, quail eggs taste particularly delicious.

Quail chick feed & chick starter - Healthy quail rearing from day one

An optimal quail chick rearing feed is particularly important for the development of the young quail chicks in the first weeks of life. For the first three weeks of life, we recommend our Leimüller Quail chick food. The high-quality quail rearing food with many valuable nutrients, vitamins, minerals and trace elements provides the young quail chicks with all the important ingredients they need to grow into diligent laying quails. You can find more practical products for quail chick rearing in our chick rearing section.

Rearing feed for young quail - Successfully grow into laying quail

Young quail from the third week of life need particularly nutritious quail food. The Leimüller quail rearing food is the ideal basic feed for quail chicks and is suitable for successful rearing up to the 8th week of life. The quail food covers the daily needs of the young quail chicks for nutrients, minerals, vitamins and trace elements. Our quail rearing feed is guaranteed to be GMO-free and AMA-certified.

Laying quail food for laying quail - strong eggshell & yellow yolk

With our nutrient-rich laying quail food, you can supply grown-up laying quails from around the 6th week of life. The quail food contains a balanced mixture of grains for your quail with that certain extra amount of grains, oils and fats. Grains and thus cereals are the staple food of the quail and thus ensure species-appropriate nutrition and employment.

Treat your quail from time to time to make a tasty and healthy change. Our exclusive Leimüller quail food contains high-protein gammarus (brown fleas) and provides valuable essential protein building blocks. To keep the quail healthy and vital, this feed contains a vital herb mix. This consists of apple peel, aniseed, marshmallow root, licorice root, thyme, coltsfoot, yarrow, blackberry herb and hibiscus.

The Leimüller quail food special contains quail food with a particularly large number of grains. The tasty basic food for quail contains a special selection of seeds (like millet, hand and turnip) and provides many essential oils and proteins, which play an important role in the metabolism of the animals and are responsible for keeping the body healthy.

Our Göweil organic quail food is legally certified for laying quails and thus meets the high demands placed on organic feed. If you want to produce healthy quail food yourself, we recommend a practical grain mill to shred all types of grain.

Feed the quail properly

  • When buying quail food, pay attention to a particularly high quality. The optimal quail food for laying quails increases the laying performance of the quail. It should be balanced and contain at least 17-18 percent crude protein.
  • Laying flour or pellets are best suited for quail feeding, since the quail with these types of feed can hardly sort out feed components. This guarantees an optimal supply with all necessary nutrients.
  • Quail food should always be available to the laying quail, because quail usually eat small portions throughout the day. It is best to feed the quail with a species-appropriate and practical feeding trough for adult quail.
  • Quails love variety and with happy and satisfied laying quails the laying performance is significantly higher. Quail pecks grains, but you also like to eat other tasty things. So that your quail really feels good, you should spoil them every few days with additional delicacies such as lettuce, dandelions, bananas, pears, cucumbers, grapes, apples, carrots or zucchini.
  • Quails need water every now and then so that they can swallow the quail better. Therefore, always offer the quail fresh water in a quail waterer near the quail feed.
  • Quail sometimes have different needs than chickens, which is why you should not feed layer hen food. Our high-quality quail feed provides your quail with all the nutrients they need for a happy quail life and good laying performance.

Feed quail chicks properly

  • For healthy development, chicks need a particularly high proportion of proteins so that the body, the plumage and above all the organs can form optimally during the rapid growth. Therefore, when buying quail chick feed, please ensure a high raw protein content of approx. 18 to 25 percent. Our Quail chick food has a particularly large amount of proteins and provides your quail chicks with optimal care in the first weeks of life.
  • Because of their small beak, quail chicks cannot absorb larger grains or pellets. It is better to use ground quail chick feed. You are also welcome to mix oatmeal into the quail food, as quail chicks like to eat them.
  • Quail food should always be available to the young quail chicks, because chicks usually eat small portions throughout the day. Our practical feeding trough for young quail is ideally suited for feeding quail chicks.
  • Offer the quail chicks near the quail food fresh water in a quail chick waterer. The chicks need water now and then so that they can swallow the chick feed better.

Useful utensils for feeding and keeping quail

Quails are relatively easy to care for and do not require a lot of accessories. However, the following products are very useful for quail farming and can be found in our quail online shop.

The following accessories are required to keep quails and quail rearing:

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