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From the classic disposable protective suit that keeps out dirt and particles to the robust chemical protective suit that protects against toxic and corrosive substances. Protective clothing is indispensable for many activities in agriculture. At Agrarzone you will find the right all-round protective suit in top brand quality for every work area.

Functional and tailor-made protective clothing is indispensable on the farm, because you are exposed to a wide variety of hazards in your daily work. The spectrum ranges from small liquid splashes to emptying dangerous liquids to handling chemical sprays.

The optimal use of protective clothing minimizes the risk to people. For protection from head to toe, you will find high-quality protective suits and safety clothing at Agrarzone that offer you and your colleagues the necessary protection. Due to the light, breathable material of our protective clothing, our protective suits are also characterized by a high level of comfort and in no way restrict you in your daily stable work.

What is the difference between work clothing and protective work clothing?

Protective work clothing: Functional protective work clothing is tested for various properties in a corresponding test laboratory. After a corresponding examination, a certification is issued by an approved body. Protective clothing must meet various standards, for example it must be non-flammable or even withstand liquid or corrosive chemicals.

Work clothing: In contrast to protective work clothing, work clothing does not have any special protective effect. Work clothes are worn to keep dust and dirt away. Accordingly, work clothing is mainly used to protect private clothing.

You can buy these protective clothing at Agrarzone:

We at Agrarzone are your experienced experts in matters of occupational safety. You will find a wide range of personal protective equipment in our occupational safety online shop. You will find a large range of high-quality protective clothing for every work area in this section.

A disposable protective suit effectively protects the wearer from dangerous substances such as chemicals, toxic liquids, dust and gases. For protection from head to toe, you will find disposable caps and disposable Overshoes in ankle-high or half-high versions to match the protective suit. The personal protective equipment is rounded off by useful breathing masks and disposable gloves. As the name suggests, disposable protective suits are properly disposed of after each use.

A practical disposable coat for visitors is suitable for people who do not have regular contact with dirt and dangerous substances. Equipped with safety shoes, a disposable cap, disposable gloves and, if necessary, a respirator, your visitors are protected in many situations. This disposable coat is designed for single use and is therefore also practically available as a large supply pack with 20 pieces.

A spray-tight chemical protection suit is ideal for use when working with toxic pesticides. In accordance with the legal standard EN 14605, the plant protection overall offers effective protection against infections against chemicals, blood and viruses.

A water-impermeable and temperature-resistant washing apron (also milking apron) is multifunctional for all work in agriculture, in the house and yard. Whether for cleaning the stable or for other demanding tasks such as milking cows, the milking guard offers a high degree of freedom of movement and in no way restricts you in your work. Your arms are also protected during work with a breathable and waterproof hygiene sleeve.

A robust cleaning overall with a hood is ideal for tougher conditions and rough cleaning work in agriculture. Made of a hard-wearing, waterproof and breathable material, a wash overall is particularly suitable for dirty work outdoors.

An anti-odor cap or an anti-odor headscarf has an odor-inhibiting effect on stable odors, greasy odors, burning and smoke odors, sweat, etc. In addition, a water-resistant anti-odor cap impresses with its modern design and maximum comfort.

A practical reflective vest not only ensures increased visibility and safety in traffic at night, but also makes the rider or worker stand out during the day. The fluorescent color of this safety clothing creates more visibility day and night, while the reflex strips all around ensure even more visibility. A reflective safety armband also increases visibility in the dark and should not be missing on any trip.

What distinguishes a good protective suit

When choosing suitable protective clothing, you should consider different criteria. First and foremost, your protective suit must offer protection against all dangerous substances with which it may come into contact (see below: CE category 1-6). Before buying professional safety clothing, the following points are also important, which of course depend on the area of application and the work environment:

  • Price
  • Quality
  • Fit
  • Mechanical durability
  • Comfort

CE category 1-6 - Protective clothing and its protection classes:

The material and the construction of your protective suit determine whether your protective suit can be used for dangerous work (certified according to CE category III) or for non-dangerous applications (CE category I "simple").

Protection classes have been defined for protective clothing for dangerous work in order to simplify the choice of suitable protective clothing and the respective area of application for the wearer:

  • Type 1 - gastight
  • Type 2 - not gas-tight
  • Type 3 - liquid-tight
  • Type 4 - spray-tight
  • Type 5 - particle-tight
  • Type 6 - limited splash-tight

Protective clothing for the food sector, medicine, industry & Co.

In addition to agriculture, suitable protective clothing also plays an important role in other professions and industries and has a slightly different function depending on the area of application.

For example, protective clothing in the healthcare and medical sector prevents the spread of germs, offers protection against infections and helps to avoid infections. Protective work clothing for hospitals consists of a protective suit, protective cap, disposable gloves and hygiene sleeve protector.

A protective suit in industry and trade is indispensable because there is a high potential for danger when handling different materials on construction sites and chemicals in industry. Protective clothing provides effective protection against injuries, soiling, toxic substances or contact with harmful materials. For personal protective equipment, it is advisable not to do without the following equipment:

It is not only useful to use a protective suit at work, but also in private situations such as building a house or caring for relatives. The soiling of clothing and body as well as objects and floors prevents suitable protective clothing just as well.

Employers must provide suitable protective clothing in every situation where there is a risk to health. This includes workers in the chemical industry and waste disposal as well as craftsmen in the construction industry. Modern and functional protective clothing also protects against extreme temperatures, harsh weather conditions and contamination, like in the food industry.

In the food industry, there is protective clothing for cooks, bakers and service staff in the form of aprons, protective caps and overshoes. There is also appropriate protective clothing for the cooling rooms with protection against the cold, work clothing against moisture and also cut and stab protection clothing.

Additional accessories for your personal protective equipment

Many professional activities make the use of personal protective equipment indispensable. Whether on the construction site, in the industrial sector or during agricultural activities: With personal protective equipment, you protect yourself against all risks to your safety and health.

At Agrarzone you will find a comprehensive range of high-quality protective equipment with which you can protect yourself effectively in every situation:

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