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With a protective mask you effectively protect yourself and your surroundings from fine dust, gases, acids and pathogens such as viruses. Whether face mask or FFP1, FFP2 or FFP3 respirator: Protective masks are part of personal protective equipment for work and environments that can pollute the airways.

These protective masks are available:

Disposable masks: Disposable masks (also face masks or nose and mouth protection) protect effectively against fine dust, coarse dust, aerosols of less toxic substances, smoke, etc., are particularly light and are very comfortable to wear. The field of vision is particularly good compared to full face masks and half masks.

Half masks: These include the FFP respirators, which can be divided into the classes FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3. Half masks comprehensively protect the entire mouth and nose area and have a built-in filter system, which largely separates the vapors (like paint, chemicals, etc.) and dust. The respiratory protection masks in classes FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 differ in terms of their permeability (leakage). This results from the openings in places where the protective mask does not sit exactly on the face and from the permeability of the filter material. Half masks are significantly lighter than full masks and do not have such a clear field of vision as disposable masks.

Full face masks: Full face masks consist of a combination of respiratory and face protection and also enclose the eye area. Full masks are not as comfortable as disposable masks and half masks, but they have a better density and therefore a better protective effect. Full face masks can be used effectively even with highly toxic or highly toxic substances.

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At Agrarzone you will find an extensive range of high-quality protective masks. Whether for holidays in areas with high air pollution or as protection against infectious diseases, our protective masks protect you and your surroundings effectively in every situation. You can buy these respiratory masks at Agrarzone:

Face mask (also nose-mouth protection or surgical mask): Ideal if you are sick and want to protect your surroundings. Mouth and nose protection prevents the disease from spreading through sneezing or coughing. However, the nasal protection masks do not protect against infection and must be disposed of after each use.

Respirator mask FFP1: Fine dust masks of protection class FFP1 are suitable for environments in which only non-toxic dusts occur. The breathing mask FFP1 filters at least 80% of particles and can be used several times. The breathing mask is not effective against viruses and bacteria.

Respirator mask FFP2: Protective masks of protection class FFP2 protect against airborne infectious agents, viruses (like coronavirus, influenza, flu, etc.) and harmful dust, smoke and aerosol. The protective mask FFP2 filters at least 94% of the particles in the air and can be used several times.

Respirator mask FFP3: Respirator masks FFP3 offer reliable protection against airborne infectious agents, viruses (like coronavirus, influenza, flu, etc.), toxic and harmful dust, smoke and aerosol. Masks of this class filter at least 99.5% of particles and can be used several times.

Find the right respirator with 6 questions

1. Are you suffering from a virus yourself (like influenza, coronavirus, flu) and do you want to protect your surroundings?

If you have a coronavirus, influenza or flu, the best way to protect your surroundings is with a Face mask (also called a surgical mask). Mouth and nose protection protects when the disease spreads through sneezing or coughing. A mouth-nose mask also helps you not to touch your face and thus release bacteria into the environment by touching objects. The face mask should be discarded after each use. In addition, disposable gloves and disinfectants help you not to transmit the dangerous pathogens to other roommates at home. As an alternative to the face mask, the dust mask FFP1 can also offer effective protection.

Mouth mask at Agrarzone: mouth mask / nose mask / face mask

2. And if you are working in a social area like working in a hospital or nursing home?

Even in medical facilities during operations or in intensive care medicine, the classic Face mask (also surgical mask), disposable gloves and disinfectants effectively protect the patient from droplet infection and transmission of bacteria by the medical staff. In the nursing home too, nursing staff use the face mask to protect older residents in the course of an infection wave.

3. Are you regularly exposed to non-toxic dust like woodworking, agriculture or cleaning work?

The Respirator mask FFP1 is sufficient for activities where you are exposed to non-toxic dust (like processing cement, wood, plaster, pollen, sugar, cellulose, etc.). The protective mask filters at least 80% of particles and protects especially in the following activities: cleaning work with dust, agriculture (grain, flour, hay), grinding, drilling and cutting iron, rust, masonry or allergy sufferers against pollen allergy. In addition to the FFP1 respirator, a face mask combination is useful when working in agriculture and forest, because a face combination also protects the head and eyes from dust and heat.

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4. Do you want to protect yourself from being infected with viruses (like coronaviruses, influenza etc.)?

As a rule, wearing a well-adapted FFP2 fine dust mask provides adequate protection against airborne infectious agents and viruses such as influenza, flu or corona viruses. The protective mask filters at least 94% of the airborne particles.

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5. What if you are regularly exposed to toxic dust or smoke?

Even then, the Dust mask is effective because it protects against dust, smoke and aerosol that is harmful to health. The FFP2 protective mask is particularly effective in activities such as grinding, cutting and drilling cement, paints, steel and rust or when welding structural steel and zinc or when dealing with mold and bacteria. In addition to a breathing mask, a face mask combination is recommended when working in agriculture and forestry, as this also protects the head and eyes from dust and heat.

6. Do you have regular contact with infected people or are you regularly exposed to toxic and harmful dust, smoke or gas?

Then you should definitely use the FFP3 face mask. According to the Robert Koch Institute, the fine dust mask FFP3 offers reliable protection against airborne infectious agents and viruses (like coronavirus, influenza, flu). Masks in this class filter at least 99.5% of particles. The FFP3 respirator mask is also proven to provide effective protection against toxic and harmful dust, smoke and aerosol, which occurs in the metal and chemical industries. To protect your head and eyes, it is recommended to use an additional face mask combination.

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This accessory is useful in addition to protective masks

Face combination: A face combination with forehead protection has been proven to protect the head and eyes and is the perfect companion if you are regularly exposed to dust, heat and flying parts, as well as paint and dirt splashes (cleaning work), like in agriculture and forestry.

Face and hearing protection: Face and hearing protection is suitable for dusty or noisy environments where the face and ears need to be protected, but no helmet is required, like in agriculture or forestry work.

Disinfectant: Disinfectant helps to effectively interrupt the chain of infection. In addition to use in the medical field, disinfectants should also be used in the private household if a family member or a family member suffers from a highly contagious infection. Even if the risk of getting infected is particularly high for contact persons of sick people, because their immune system is weakened by an illness, immune system or chemotherapy, it is important to disinfect your hands regularly.

Disposable gloves: Disposable gloves protect the person who wears them and effectively keep pathogens and dirt away. Disposable gloves also do not help to carry dangerous viruses home with you and thus minimize the risk of infecting family members and spreading viruses.

Hand soap: Regular hand washing has been shown to help kill pathogens. During a flu season, it is recommended to wash your hands several times a day for at least 30 seconds with a skin-friendly hand soap.

Fever thermometer: The first signs of many infectious diseases are increased body temperature and fever. To protect yourself during a flu wave, you should keep an eye on your body temperature after your wellbeing.

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