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Whether you are keeping chickens, quail, geese, ducks or other poultry: A poultry waterer is a practical investment for private chicken farming as well as for commercial poultry farming. In our extensive range you are guaranteed to find the right poultry waterer for your poultry.

With the large selection of poultry waterer in the specialist trade, it is difficult to keep an overview. The chicken waterers are not only available in different sizes, but also differ in terms of material, filling and area of application. On this page we give you a practical overview with which you can easily select the right poultry waterer.

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What you need to consider when buying a poultry waterer:

At Agrarzone we basically have two different poultry waterer models:

  • Automatic poultry waterers that are connected to an existing water pipe
  • Poultry waterers with an integrated water tank

Not sure how big your waterer needs to be? The size of your waterer depends on two basic factors:

1. Number of poultry

Basically, the more poultry is kept, the more water must be available to the animals and the larger the waterer should be. For example, every chicken should 300 ml of fresh water are available per day, for ducks or geese it is even 1.25 liters per day. So you are free to choose whether you want to buy a waterer with a larger capacity, an automatic waterer or two smaller waterer - the main thing is that your feathered friends are well looked after.

2. Frequency of water filling

If you keep a large number of poultry or like to travel, an automatic chicken waterer is the ideal solution for you. With an automatic chicken waterer, you do not have to constantly check the water level because the waterer bowl is automatically filled.

Poultry drinkers with an integrated water tank, on the other hand, have to be regularly replenished with water, but have the decisive advantage that you can hang up the drinker anywhere thanks to a useful carrying handle. The practical hanging option ensures a clean and hygienic water supply for your feathered animals.

Additional points are important when buying a poultry waterer:

1. Species-appropriate needs:

The poultry waterer should meet the animal-friendly needs of your poultry. Small chicks need a chick waterer with a lower height where they can easily get fresh water.

For pigeons who like to bathe by nature, we at Agrarzone have ergonomic pigeon waterer specially tailored to pigeons. The pigeons get to the water through several openings for the head. As a result, the animals cannot bathe in the water and the pigeon waterer remains hygienic and clean. Pigeon watererare made of plastic and are therefore easy to clean.

Water fowl such as ducks and geese have a particularly high water requirement of around 500 milliliters up to 1.25 liters a day. In order to guarantee an animal-friendly water supply, you should therefore use a poultry waterer with a larger capacity or an automatic poultry waterer.

2. Field of application:

Many of our poultry waterers are also suitable for hanging up and are therefore ideal for chickens and quail in the barn. By hanging it up, the poultry drinker is less contaminated by litter lying around and the drinking water remains clean.

In order to ensure the water supply in winter, we have poultry waterer hot plates at Agrarzone, suitable for all common plastic poultry waterer. The poultry waterer hot plate keeps the poultry waterer frost-free even in winter temperatures. You can buy the poultry waterer with a heating plate from us practically as a set and are therefore perfectly equipped for summer and winter.

3. Easy to fill:

Especially for poultry waterer with a large capacity, a filling option from above is very useful. If you have water access nearby, you can simply fill up the poultry waterer with a water hose and save yourself the tedious hauling into the poultry house.

4. Easy cleaning:

An uncomplicated and simple cleaning of the poultry waterer keeps the drinking bowl free of germs and bacteria and ensures a healthy and easy-to-lay poultry population.

5. Practical carrying handle:

A poultry waterer should also be used when fully filled is easy to transport into the chicken coop.

What are the advantages of an automatic chicken waterer?

Automatic chicken waterers are connected directly to the water pipe and refill themselves with water as required. If you have a large number of chickens or other poultry, an automatic chicken waterer is the ideal solution.

The main advantage over conventional chicken waterer is that you do not have to constantly check whether there is still enough water available for the poultry. Even if you like to go on vacation, the purchase of an automatic chicken waterer is advisable.


If the swimmer indicates that the water level is too low, the drinking bowl is automatically refilled. The float also prevents the poultry potions from overflowing.

What other poultry drinkers are there?

Poultry waterers with an integrated water tank

Poultry waterers with an integrated water tank have been extremely popular with chicken breeders and private chicken keepers for years. Consisting of a water container, which is filled with water and a bowl for the drinking water, the cleaning can be done easily and simply. These chicken waterer are available in different sizes and are ideal for private chicken farming as well as large groups of chickens.

Thanks to a practical handle, this model can easily be hung up and thus ensures a clean drinking water supply for your poultry and thus a healthy and vital poultry population. To ensure that the water does not freeze in winter, our waterer can be heated with any suitable poultry waterer hot plates.


First, the container is filled with water and the drinking bowl is securely "put over" and locked. The container is then simply turned over so that the bowl stands securely on the floor of the stable. The fresh water then only flows into the drinking water bowl in small quantities and is automatically refilled without overflowing when the poultry is drinking.

Bottle drinkers for chickens

Drinking bottles for chickens are only suitable for keeping very small numbers of chickens, since the water capacity is usually only a maximum of 1.5 liters. The poultry bottle drinkers, in which there is a bottle from which the water runs over the drinking bowl, are an inexpensive and simple method for supplying water to your poultry.

Poultry waterer in winter - Fresh water in the cold season

Fresh water should be available to your poultry even on cold winter days. It is not uncommon for the water in the poultry waterer to freeze and the animals can no longer use it.

So that the water does not freeze even in the cold winter months, poultry waterer hot plates provide an effective remedy. Suitable for all common plastic chicken waterer, the poultry waterer hot plates is placed under the drinking trough and connected to a power connection.

The heater heats the water from below and ensures that the water does not freeze and that the animals are adequately supplied with water even in winter.

Practical products for poultry farming & chick rearing:

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