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A transport box for poultry is a practical investment when it comes to the safe and uncomplicated transport of poultry. Whether to the vet, for transport to a poultry dealer or to exhibitions - With a poultry transport box you can transport your poultry easily and reliably from A to B.

Do you want to transport your poultry safely to a poultry dealer or do you need to visit a veterinarian? Do you regularly drive your poultry to exhibitions or animal shows? No matter whether you want to show your poultry at animal exhibitions or just for the transport from A to B - A poultry transport box is a practical purchase when it comes to transporting poultry.

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Overview of the transport box for poultry:

  • Reliable and uncomplicated poultry transport
  • For small and large poultry breeds (chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, quail and much more)
  • Ideal for transport to animal exhibitions, to the vet or to the poultry dealer
  • For robust and stress-free poultry transport
  • Transport box fits in every car trunk
  • Branded poultry transport boxes in top quality
  • Personal advice from the qualified team at Agrarzone

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That's why you need a poultry transport box

Whether you want to bring your poultry home safely or move to a new chicken coop, moving poultry to a different location usually means stress and psychological stress. It is all the more important to have a transport option tailored to the poultry.

A transport cage for poultry is optimally tailored to the animal-specific needs and requirements of poultry and effectively relieves the tension in your poultry during transport.

Always transport your chickens reliably, easily & safely

All poultry transport boxes at Agrarzone have enough space to safely transport your poultry to any location. Many of our poultry transport boxes have a sliding door on the top of the poultry box and a side flap - So you can easily load your poultry into the poultry transport box. The sliding door and side flap can be locked reliably and securely and cannot be opened by the poultry. The removal of the individual animals from the chicken transport box is also extremely straightforward.

The poultry transport boxes are made of unbreakable plastic and, thanks to the closed base, are also suitable for chicks and smaller types of poultry. Thanks to the light materials, no effort is required to safely transport your poultry in the chicken transport box.

Our transport boxes for poultry have a long lifespan due to the qualitative choice of materials and will give you many years of pleasure. Cleaning the transport box is particularly easy: Simply clean the poultry transport boxes with a water jet or steam cleaner and the transport cage for poultry is clean in no time and ready for the next transport.

Advantages of a poultry transport cage:

  • Stress-free transportation of your poultry from A to B
  • For chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, quail and much more.
  • Chicken transport box is also suitable for chicks and smaller poultry types
  • Sliding door and side flap for easy loading and unloading of your animals
  • Long service life thanks to unbreakable plastic
  • Simple and uncomplicated cleaning of the poultry transport box

Poultry transport box cheap in the Agrarzone poultry shop

In our poultry farming section you will find the optimal poultry transport box (also poultry transport cage or chicken transport box) for the safe transport of your poultry in the poultry farming section. You can also easily transport exotic poultry breeds such as budgerigars, canaries, guinea fowls or other feathered pets from one place to another with our poultry transport boxes.

If you browse through our poultry shop, you will find that our prices are not only cheap and worth their price, not only in the poultry transport box section. High quality, durable materials guarantee that you will enjoy our transport cages for poultry and all other products in our extensive online shop for a long time.

Practical products for poultry farming & chicken farming

For poultry farming, you will also find a poultry transport cage and practical products for your poultry in our Agrarzone Shop:

Do you also need poultry feed in addition to a poultry transport box? Whether good laying performance, poultry fattening, pigeons, quail or safe and controlled chicken rearing - our balanced poultry feed has been successfully used by chicken breeders, fattening operators as well as private poultry farmers for many years and provides your feathered friends with all the important nutrients.

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