Poultry netting

  • Close-meshed nettings ensure a high degree of protection
  • Simple construction and also suitable for mobile use
  • For chickens, geese, turkeys and other poultry
  • With electrification also suitable for the defence of wild animals

What is a poultry netting?

A poultry netting is a fence for the keeping of chickens, turkeys, geese or similar animals. As these birds are relatively small and can easily escape with conventional electric fences or sheep nettings, it is important that this fence is tightly meshed.

This prevents the animals from forcing their way through the fence and keeps them within the intended area.

In 3 steps to the right poultry net

Step 1: Make sure the net is the right length and hight

Poultry nettings are available in 15, 25 or 50 meters length and in heights of 106 cm and 112 cn. For poultry, the height of 106 cm is perfectly adequate in most cases. An advantage of the chicken netting with 106 cm is the lower price. Important: If you need a longer net, you can also simply connect our poultry nets with the integrated metal clips and thus extend them.

Step 2: Choose the appropriate pole tips for your surface

For poultry nettings poles, a distinction is made between single prong and double prong. If your ground is stony, a single prong is recommended, as this prong can be anchored more easily in the ground. If the ground is sandy or earthy, however, a double prong at the end of the pole will give you more stability.

Step 3: Decide between an electric or non-electric version

If you need to protect your poultry from wild animals like foxes or martens, an electric poultry netting is the best choice for you. However, if your main concern is to prevent your chickens or turkeys from escaping, the non-electric version will probably be sufficient.

Important: If you choose an electric poultry netting, you must keep the fence area free of vegetation and mow your lawn at least once a week. This is because if the fence is too overgrown, the electrical voltage drops and foxes or martens are no longer kept out.

This accessory is useful for a poultry Netting

Fence energiser 230V: If your poultry net can be electrified and a socket is nearby, a 230V pasture fence is your best choice for power supply.

Fence energiser 12V: If you decide on an electrifiable poultry network and do not have access to a socket, you will need a battery-powered pasture fencer 12V.

Electric Fence Gate: A door for poultry netting can be installed at any point of the net and allows easy entry and exit.

Poultry netting replacement post: If a post from your poultry net is defective, you can easily replace it with a willow net replacement post.

Electric fence battery & accumulator: If you have a 12 V electric fence, you will find suitable batteries in this category.

Solar module: Solar modules are available as a supplement to almost all 12V battery-powered devices. This saves you frequent battery changes. There are no more electricity costs for battery charging.

Warning signs: By law, any electric pasture fence along a public way must be marked with warning signs at regular intervals.

Pasture fence tester: With a pasture fence tester you can measure the voltage of your electric fence. This way you can quickly determine whether the required voltage is present and your fence is safe.

Fence Security: You want to protect your electric fence against theft? Discover secure battery boxes to protect your electric fence in this category.

Various netting accessories: Here you will find various pasture net accessories from soil drills to wire connectors to ground anchors.

Your advantages in the Agrarzone Shop

Free return shipping: This applies to all package shipments returned within 30 days. You can also return freight forwarding goods within 30 days. However, the customer is responsible for the costs of return with forwarding shipment.

No risk thanks to 30-day money-back guarantee: If your purchased fence is not right for you after all, you can return the product to us within 30 days of delivery without giving any reason. We will then refund you the full purchase price.

All nets comply with the legal safety standards: All electrifiable willow nets are safe for humans and animals. This is guaranteed by compliance with safety standards.

Only nets from reputable Austrian or German manufacturers: Due to the high quality, there are fewer defects and you therefore have less maintenance. Calculated over several years, you save money on the bottom line.