Practical poultry accessories for poultry farming

Our poultry accessories make it easier for you to keep your poultry. Regardless of whether for your poultry at home or for commercial poultry farming - Appropriate accessories for poultry make everyday work in the poultry house easier for every poultry farmer.

Whether sun protection for your poultry enclosure, infrared lamps or spiral rings for chickens - At Agrarzone you will find a large selection of practical poultry accessories. Our poultry accessories are tailored to the animal-friendly needs of poultry and ensure healthy keeping and rearing of your poultry.

In private poultry farming, our poultry accessories in the poultry house create vital and happy poultry that produce many tasty eggs. In professional poultry farming and fattening operations, our accessories for poultry increase the efficiency, fattening time & egg production of many poultry breeds such as chickens, quail, ducks, geese etc.

Poultry accessories overview:

  • Poultry accessories for efficient and species-appropriate poultry farming
  • Only high quality materials and ingredients
  • Accessories for a variety of poultry breeds
  • Exclusively Austrian and German brand manufacturers

What are poultry accessories?

Poultry accessories are all aids that you need for species-appropriate poultry farming and chick rearing. It makes your work easier, from animal welfare to professional poultry farming.

At Agrarzone you can buy poultry accessories for many poultry breeds:

  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Ornamental bird
  • Quail
  • Duck
  • Wild bird
  • Goose

How can poultry accessories make poultry farming easier for me?

A chicken coop with a chicken door offers your chickens the right breeding and sleeping place, as well as protection from wild predators such as Mader and Fuchs.

You can determine the outdoor pen of your chickens with a suitable chicken fence. The fence also protects the chickens from small predators.

Healthy chickens need the right chicken feed and fresh water. So that your animals are supplied with clean food, you can use various feed troughs and poultry waterer.

If you can obtain grain from your own agriculture, you only need the right grain mill for the appropriate chicken feed.

Regardless of whether it is chick rearing or a fully grown laying hen, most chickens will have to go to the vet sooner or later. There are separate poultry transport boxes for the safe and stress-free transport of chickens.

The plucking machine also falls under the poultry accessories category. It is suitable for all types of poultry and increases efficiency in broiler farms.

Buy cheap poultry accessories at Agrarzone

Any poultry farmer who keeps poultry on a smaller or larger scale knows how difficult it can be to find a suitable specialist market for poultry accessories. At Agrarzone we have a large and extensive range of professional poultry accessories that make your daily work in the hen house easier.

Buy a selection of high quality poultry accessories from the Agrarzone Onlineshop: Various chicken coops, heatable feed troughs or poultry waterer made of plastic or metal as well as many other accessories for successful poultry farming & chick raising. Both the suitable outdoor enclosure for your chicken coop or the associated poultry accessories such as a drinking water heater or a heated feed trough to be able to offer your poultry warm water even in winter. You can even find various nesting nests made of plastic or wood in our Agrarzone Onlineshop.

In order to be able to guarantee healthy rearing of your chicken chicks even without a mother hen, we have suitable poultry accessories for the artificial rearing of chicks such as hot plates and egg incubators in our section chick rearing. Suitable poultry transport boxes in the form of poultry cages or boxes and other poultry accessories can be found in our extensive range.

No matter what poultry accessories you are looking for, whether drinking water heater, chicken coop or chicken fences in various designs, the Agrarzone online shop offers a large range of practical poultry accessories for keeping your poultry in proper condition.

An overview of our poultry accessories:

  • Chicken coop with Chicken door: In the chicken coop, the chickens will find a safe place to sleep and breed. The door to your chicken coop opens and closes automatically with an automatic chicken door so that your chickens get enough free run.
  • Outdoor pen: At Agrarzone we have a large selection of outdoor enclosures, which offer your chickens a species-appropriate run. Thanks to the close-meshed bars, the free-range pen also protects your poultry from natural enemies such as martens, foxes or more.
  • Chicken fence: With a chicken fence (also poultry fence) you can keep your poultry safely in a designated area. Whether for protection against predators or against being fed out, with a poultry fence you can give your chickens & co. free space to walk without having to worry about safety. A chicken fence is available in electrifiable and non-electrifiable versions.
  • Feeding trough & Automatic feeder: With a practical feeding trough for poultry, poultry feeding can be in no time at all. A well thought-out feeding concept saves a lot of valuable time and money, especially for large farms that house several hundred poultry. In private poultry farming, planned feeding also makes work in the chicken coop easier.
  • Laying nest: Laying nests provide chickens with a clean environment for laying eggs and are made of plastic, wood or plastic / metal. Thanks to removable shelves, nest boxes can be cleaned quickly and easily.
  • Poultry waterer: Whether you are keeping chickens, quail, geese, ducks or other poultry: A poultry waterer is a practical investment for both private chicken farming and commercial poultry farming. In our extensive range you are guaranteed to find the right poultry waterer for your poultry.
  • Infrared reflector: Nest heat is particularly important for chick rearing and for sick chickens. Our heat lamps have enough ventilation slots for better air circulation and are sometimes available with an economy switch. So you can create a cozy nest warmth for your animals. Even in the cold winter months, a Infrared reflector is a sensible investment for your chicken coop.
  • Chicken feed: Whether good laying performance, poultry fattening or safe and controlled chicken rearing - with us you will find chicken-friendly and balanced poultry food for chicks, pullets and adult chickens.
  • Poultry transport box: You must be able to transport your chickens safely to visit the vet or move to a stable. You can do this with a poultry transport box and your chickens arrive safely at their destination.
  • Plucking machine: A plucking machine simplifies your work in broiler farming.
  • Grain mill: If you can obtain grain from your farm for the chickens yourself, the grain mill will make it easier for you to shred.
  • Hygiene & Cleanliness: A clean home is particularly important for successful chicken breeding. With a broom, bucket, shovel, Squeegee & Pusher and suitable work clothes, the chick home is clean in no time!

Your advantages in the Agrarzone-Shop

Free returns: This applies to all package deliveries that are returned within 30 days. You can also return freight forwarding goods within 30 days. However, the cost of returning the goods by forwarding company have to be paid by the customer.

No risk thanks to the 30-day money-back guarantee: If your purchased poultry product is not right for you, you can return the item to us within 30 days of delivery without giving a reason. We will then refund the full purchase price.

All products meet the legal safety standards: All our agricultural equipment has been tested by law. All electrifiable products such as pasture fences or pasture nets are harmless to humans and animals. This is guaranteed by compliance with the legal safety standards.

Only products from well-known Austrian or German manufacturers: The high quality means fewer defects and you therefore have less maintenance. The bottom line is that you save cash.