Plastic fence post

  • Plastic fence posts as a cheap alternative to fibreglass posts
  • Reinforced single or double step for more stability when entering
  • Suitable for all common tapes, strands, wires & ropes
  • Galvanised ground nail prevents rust and makes piles last longer

What is a plastic fence post?

Plastic posts form the "basic structure" of your pasture fence. They are used to attach conductor material such as ropes, strands or bands and are anchored in the ground with the help of a ground nail.

Plastic fence posts are a cost-effective yet high-quality alternative to more expensive fibreglass poles.

Thanks to their lightweight construction, plastic fence posts are perfect for mobile use and are easy to transport.

In many models, the ground nail is galvanized and thus well protected against rust. This makes the plastic post even more durable.

With 3 questions about the right plastic post for your pasture fence

1. is your ground hard or rather soft?

With soft soils, only little force is required to kick a plastic pile. Therefore, a pile with single tread is usually sufficient.

For harder soils, however, piles with reinforced double tread are best suited. This allows you to anchor the pile to the ground using your entire body weight without worrying about the pile breaking.

2. What animals do you herd?

The stake height you need will always depend on the size of your animals.

For pigs, 105 cm poles may be sufficient, while for horses or cattle, a fence post height of 150 cm or more is required.

3. do you use your fence only in summer or also in spring or autumn?

If you also use your pasture fence in spring and autumn, the plastic posts must be able to withstand sub-zero temperatures. However, the poles must be specially reinforced for this.

If you only use your pasture fence in the warm months, you do not need to pay attention to this reinforcement. Here "normal" plastic posts are sufficient.

Important: However, plastic posts are not suitable for use in winter. Here you need a fixed fence made of steel or recycled plastic.

This accessory is useful for a plastic post for a pasture fence

Fence Connector: This accessory is used to connect the conductor material used (tapes, ropes, wires or strands).

Electric fence grounding: Proper grounding must be provided for each electric fence. You can find the necessary accessories here.

Electric fence insulators: The conductor material must be insulated to prevent unwanted discharges through contact with the fence post.

Electric fence conductor material: In order for the current to flow through your pasture fence, wires, strands, ropes or tapes are required as conductor material.

Fence reel: With a fence reel you can easily roll up and transport conductor material such as ropes or tapes.

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