Buy cheap automatic feeder for pigs and piglets feed trough

For pigs, digging for digestible pig feed and eating are their favorite pastimes. An automatic feeder for pigs promotes natural rooting behavior and is part of the basic equipment of every pig pen. With a good pig feed bowl, filled with natural pig feed, in a pigsty that is tailored to the animals, you ensure that pigs are kept in a species-appropriate manner and that your farm is successful.

In this section you will find, without exception, high-quality feed pans for pigs and piglet pans in various designs and materials made of plastic or stainless steel. In order to provide your pigs with the best possible care, we give you, summarized in the most important points, valuable tips on choosing a good feed bowl for pigs and piglets:

  1. These are the advantages of a pig feeder
  2. You have to consider this when buying a pig feeder
  3. Appropriate pig husbandry: How many automatic feeders do I need for my pigs?
  4. Select the correct feeding place
  5. The best pig feeders at an affordable Price

1. These are the advantages of an automatic feeder for pigs:

Appropriate feeding: Pigs love to rummage in the mud for digestible pig feed. Thanks to their narrow feed openings, pigs automatic feeders simulate the animals' natural rooting behavior. In order to get to the pig feed, the animals have to dig in the pig bowl with their snouts. The appetite is stimulated in a natural way and the animals receive pig feed in rationed quantities.

Reduction of aggressiveness in the barn: A busy pig is a balanced pig. Foraging and rooting for pig feed are among the favorite pastimes of pigs. Thanks to an ergonomic pig feeding trough with narrow feeding openings, the pigs can root and eat in peace. In our Occupation & Control category you will find many other employment opportunities for pigs, which can also promote harmony in the Bay of Pigs.

Exceptional stability: A feed pan for pigs has to withstand a lot, because pigs do not handle the stable equipment carefully. Kicking, gnawing, throwing pork troughs and then playing with the pig feed. How good that our automatic feeders for pigs are made of robust plastic and stainless steel and can be securely mounted on the wall or on the floor using professional brackets.

No waste of feed: pigs like to play with their feed when the opportunity arises. That is why many of our pig feeders have been equipped with a lid which is hermetically sealed and therefore cannot be opened by the animals. Additionally equipped with rounded edges and a fixed assembly, our pig feeders effectively prevent feed wastage while playing.

Easy work: Feed freshly weaned piglets several times a day with fresh piglet feed in a piglet bowl to get the young animals used to feed intake more quickly. Very practical: With an add-on module for the piglet tray, you only have to fill up the feed once a day. This saves time and makes your work easier.

A pig feeder is ideal if ...

  • ... the pig feed pan offers enough space for several pigs to eat.
  • ... the pig feeding trough is tailored to the size of the pigs.
  • ... it is divided into several feeding places.
  • ... the feed bowl for pigs promotes the pigs' natural rooting behavior.
  • ... the pig feeder is easy to use and therefore saves time during feeding.
  • ... it has rounded edges and can therefore be cleaned hygienically.
  • ... the pigs cannot get in to contaminate the pig feed.
  • ... the automatic feeder for piglets / pigs can be used for dry feed as well as for mixed feed.
  • ... permanent installation on slatted floors or on the wall is possible.

2. You have to consider this when buying a pig feeder

Buying a pig feeder should be considered carefully. Before you choose a feeder for your pigs and buy it cheaply in our Agrarzone online shop, you should make a few considerations: How many pig troughs do I need? Where do I want to set up the pig feeder? These questions and other criteria will help you choose a pig trough that meets your Needs:

  • Number of pigs: If you only keep a few pigs, a small pig trough with less feed capacity is sufficient for your pigs. If, on the other hand, you run a large pig farm with many animals, then it is best to choose a large pig feeder. Practically, on each of our pig feeders you will find an indication of how many pigs you can feed with the Feeder.
  • Piglet trough or pig trough: Piglets need a different feed pan than adult pigs. Ideally, you should use a piglet bowl (also a piglet feeder or piglet trough), which you place in the farrowing pen. Thanks to the metal grid with small feeding openings, the mother sow cannot get to the piglet feed with its large snout. In this way, the piglets can eat the piglet feed, which is important for the development of the body, undisturbed.
  • Material: At Agrarzone we offer you popular pig troughs in plastic or stainless steel. A pig trough made of stainless steel has the advantage over plastic that it cannot break the material. A plastic pig trough, on the other hand, is visually more appealing and, due to its light weight, can be moved more easily than a stainless steel pig trough.
  • Dry feed or mash: If you want to feed your pigs with pig feed in mash form, then a pig bowl or piglet feed bowl is ideal. The common automatic feeders for pigs, on the other hand, are more suitable only for dry feeding, as feeding with mash would clog the pig Feeder.
  • Automatic feeding: If you have a manageable number of pigs with up to 15 animals, an automatic pig feeder with precise feed metering is particularly time-saving and makes work easier. A practical add-on module is available for your piglet feeding trough, with which you only have to feed your piglets once a day.
  • Hygienic cleaning: Even before buying a pig feeder, you should pay close attention to the possibility of cleaning, as many individual parts or laborious cleaning are time-consuming and require an enormous amount of work. You should therefore buy an easy-to-clean and hygienic pig bowl or piglet feeding trough with rounded edges instead of square edges.
  • Assembly: It is best to determine the feeding place before buying a pig trough. Depending on where you want to attach the pig trough, it makes more sense to attach it to the wall or to a hook for attachment to plastic and metal slatted Floors.

3. Appropriate pig husbandry: How many automatic feeders do I need for my pigs?

In the animal husbandry ordinance, the size of the feeding places in pig group housing systems is regulated by law. This is important, because only if all pigs get enough feed, the harmony in the pig group remains established and there is no aggression in the pigsty. The minimum size for the feeding place depends on the weight of the animals and whether they are weaners & fattening pigs or gilts, sows & boars. These are the minimum dimensions for feeding places in pig group housing:

Minimum dimensions for feeding places in pig groups
Piglets & Fattening Pigs Weight Feeding place width
  up to 15 kg 12 cm
  up to 30 kg 18 cm
  up to 40 kg 21 cm
  up to 50 kg 24 cm
  up to 60 kg 27 cm
  up to 85 kg 30 cm
  up to 110 kg 33 cm
Gilt, Sows & Boars - 40 cm

These minimum dimensions are prescribed when using feed troughs and long feed troughs and also serve as guidelines in organic pig farming. If, on the other hand, pig feeders are used, the number of animals that you can feed with the pig feeder / piglet feeding trough can be found in the respective item description.

4. Select the correct feeding place

How important a well-chosen feeding place is for the pig feeding trough and how the location has a significant effect on the climate in the pig group is neglected by many pig farmers. A good location for the pig feeding trough maintains harmony in the group, prevents stress and feed waste and promotes the health of the animals.

The optimal location for the pig feeder is ...

  • … firmly anchored to the wall or to the floor at the edge of the pig pen.
  • … set up in different places in the pigsty so that weaker pigs can also get feed.
  • … away from the pig's drinking place (prevents water pollution).
  • … in a dry and clean environment (prevents feed contamination).
  • … away from highly frequented areas (no stable entrance).
  • … not right next to the pigs' retreat.

What you should know about pig feeding:

If you watch pigs eating, you will quickly find that there is a lack of consideration and polite restraint towards the other pigs at the feeding place. Naturally, the bigger, stronger pigs fight for the best place on the pig trough and don't give it up again so quickly.

So that the smaller and weaker pigs get enough pig feed, it is advisable to set up their own pig feed troughs for the young animals. The ideal place for this is a piglet hatch under which the large sows cannot slip through. So the young animals can eat in their piglet feeding trough in peace and gradually gain weight.

5. The best automatic feeders for pigs and piglets at an affordable price

A pig feeder promotes animal welfare, saves a lot of time and is indispensable in pig farming. So that you can find the optimal pig trough for you, we offer you a wide range of piglet pans and pork pans from well-known manufacturers. Our automatic feeder Grow Feeder Maxi and the piglet bowl Mini-Piglet are particularly popular with Agrarzone. In addition to a practical pig feeder, high-quality piglet feed or pig feed from our animal feed shop ensures optimal feeding of your pigs.

With our low-priced offers for pig farming, you can guarantee healthy livestock and efficient, successful pig farming.

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