Pigeon feed in premium quality from Austria

From inexpensive universal pigeon feed to special mixtures for breeders, carrier pigeons and pigeon sport, you will find the right pigeon feed for your pigeons here. Fast delivery time and high quality characterize our pigeon feed offer.

Depending on the time of year, breed type, and type of use, the mix should vary to provide the nutrients needed. From pigeon rearing feed to universal feed to special winter feed for pigeons, you will find everything you need for optimal pigeon feeding.

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Regional raw materials, strict quality controls and many years of experience guarantee the highest possible quality of the pigeon feed. The Leimüller pigeon feed is a proven feed for pigeons. Leimüller has been known as a pigeon feed dealer for years and the feed impresses with the best, dust-free quality due to the multiple controls and cleaning of the raw materials. With the quality feed from Leimüller, you are guaranteed to have the right pigeon feed in the feeding bowl.