PetSafe dog flap & cat flap for every size

The PetSafe pet valves are available in different designs for cats, small dogs or large dogs. The flaps give the animals the freedom to independently go in and out of doors, walls or windows.

PetSafe Animal Flaps Closure Systems:

  • 2-way
  • 4-way
  • magent
  • microchip
  • Infrared

PetSafe Educational Equipment for Dog and Cat

PetSafe educational equipment is one of the most effective on the market. Thanks to the remote control, you can control your dog up to 85 m with the Petsafe Spray Commander. The PetSafe spray trainer SPT-275 even has a range of up to 275 meters. Unwanted barking helps to prevent the bark collar PetSafe Spray Collar. The PetSafe Anti-bell Ultralight collar works without a spray but with Ultrastall.

To keep cats away from a room or area, you can use the proven PetSafe Cat Freeze Spray SSSCAT.