Complete Pond fence sets against fish predators: Electric fence for effective heron & otter Repellent

With our electric fence sets for repelling herons and otters, you no longer have to worry about the safety of your fish stock. The complete garden & pond kits contain everything you need for safe fencing of fish ponds. Quickly set up the pond fence without any special tools and connect it to the electric fence unit. It's ready to use and your fish stock is safely protected from fish thieves!

Get practical tips here to help you choose the right pond fence kit for your purpose. Do you have any further questions about our pond protection? Contact our customer service, our electric fence experts will be happy to help.

At a glance:

  • Everything you need for safe fencing of fish Ponds
  • Rreliable protection against fish predators e.g. herons, otters, cats, raccoons
  • Suitable also for fencing in grounds and other garden Areas
  • Quick assembly possible without special tools, ready for use immediately!
  • Can be easily extended with other nets and strands

Why an electric pond fence?

As a pond owner, you have planned your fish pond well, laid it out with great effort and also carefully selected the fish. At some point you realise that the fish population is dwindling.

The population of fish thieves (herons, otters) has increased significantly in our region, which leads to conflicts with hobby and professional fishermen as well as pond keepers of farmed and ornamental fish. Especially in winter, when the waters are poor in fish, the animals increasingly go on the prowl in hobby garden ponds or in the ponds of fish farms, causing massive damage to the fishing industry.

Electric pond fences have proven to be a very quick and effective solution to reliably protect pond systems from herons, otters and other animals. Herons stalk from the shore into the water to hunt for prey. If access to the shore area is blocked, they look for new hunting grounds. And if the electric fence is stretched near the bottom, then otters and other uninvited guests (raccoons, martens, cats) can no longer get near your Pond.

In 3 steps to the right pond fence kit:

1. Do you have electricity near your pond?

Yes, I have electricity nearby: In this case, a pond fence set with a 230V electric fence unit is always better than a mobile 12V electric fence, because the connection to the power socket eliminates the need for frequent battery changes. This saves working time and higher maintenance costs.

No, I don't have electricity: If you don't have a socket nearby, then a battery-powered electric fence is a better choice. However, be aware that you will need to recharge the battery every 2-4 weeks.

2. Do you have time to change or charge the battery of the electric fence every 2-4 weeks?

Yes, I have time for this: Here you can easily go for a heron repellent fence with battery, where you recharge the battery at regular intervals. It is best to keep a spare battery in stock so that you always have a fully charged battery in reserve.

No, I don't have time: For pond keepers who don't have time to check the battery at regular intervals, a heron fence set with a pasture fence battery is more suitable. A battery is cheaper than a rechargeable battery, lasts for several months and during this time you have no maintenance. However, after it is completely discharged, a pasture fence battery can no longer be recharged and you have to buy a new one.

An absolutely maintenance-free alternative is a solar-powered pond fence. Thanks to solar power, the operation of this pond fence is extremely energy-efficient - no expensive maintenance or follow-up costs. However, if you have a power connection nearby, we always recommend a 230V heron & otter fence.

3. Does the fence always stay in the same place or do you use it on the move?

Fence is used mobile: If the heron & otter fence is also to be used for other purposes, then a pond fence with 12V / 230V electric fence unit is perfect for you, because it can be operated both at home with 230V electricity and on the move with a 12V battery. However, if you don't have time for regular battery changes, then a 12V solar electric fence or a 9V fish fence with battery is a great way to reduce maintenance.

Fence always stays in the same place: For continuous use in the garden and if you have access to a power outlet, a 230V fish fence with power is always better than a battery-powered pond fence.

These accessories match your pond fence set:

Replacement pond fence: If you need a longer electric fence, you can buy more electric nets and pasture wire here. Our pasture fences can be easily extended with additional fencing material.

Electric fence battery & accumulator: If the set does not include a battery or accumulator or you need more to change, then you will find suitable batteries/accumulators for all common 9V and 12V electric fence devices in this category.

Solar module: Solar modules are available as a supplement to almost all 12V battery-powered devices. This saves you frequent battery changes. Electricity costs for battery charging are also eliminated.

Electric fence door: A electric fence door is useful if you need access to your garden or pond. The door can be installed at any point on the electric fence and allows safe, easy exit and entry without risk of electrocution.

Replacement Stake: If a stake from your garden fence is broken or you want to put a replacement stake in the corners of your fence for extra stability, then you can purchase a suitable wicker net replacement stake here at a low Price.

Warning Signs: By law, any electric fence along a public way must be marked with warning signs at regular intervals.

Pasture fence tester: With a pond protection fence tester you can measure the voltage of your electric fence. This way you can quickly determine whether the required voltage is present and your fence is safe.

Various accessories: In this category you will find various fish fence accessories from soil drills to wire connectors to ground anchors.

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No risk thanks to 30-day money-back guarantee: If your purchased pond fence set is not ideal for your use after all, you can return it to us within 30 days of delivery without giving any reason. We will then refund you the full purchase price.

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