Milky Pasteurizer & Milk Centrifuge - Premium Quality from Austria

At Agrarzone you will find high quality Milky machines for the pasteurization of milk as well as the production and filling of butter, cheese, yogurt and other milk & dairy products.

From fresh cow's milk to finished product - the desire and need to source fresh, healthy products directly from the farm has never been greater. With Milky products for pasteurizing milk, making cheese, yogurt or butter, we at Agrarzone offer everything you need for your own mini dairy. Produce sustainable fresh butter, cheese or yogurt with our extensive, complete line for milk processing.

With a Milky milk centrifuge you separate milk into skim milk and cream. The cream can be further processed into yogurt, butter or cheese.

The Milky butter machine is suitable for producing fresh, high-quality butter from cream

With the Milky Pasteurizer you can turn cream into tasty cheese or yogurt or pasteurize fruit juices & fruits, heat calf milk and much more.

Various liquids such as yogurt, buttermilk, fruit juices, tomato paste or cream products are filled effectively, quickly and economically with the Milky filling machine.

For whom are our pasteurizers suitable?

  • Private home consumption
  • Small direct marketers
  • Large direct marketers

Milky milk centrifuges: separate milk and cream easily

With Milky milk centrifuges (also called milk separators) you can easily skim milk and process it in different ways.

The small Milky milk centrifuge FJ 90 PP for home use comfortably processes up to 90 liters of milk per hour.

If you want to skim more milk, go for the more powerful milk centrifuge for 130 liters per hour.

Milky cheese & yogurt maker: make cheese & yogurt with ease

Pasteurize milk and juices, make cheese and yogurt yourself, Milky pasteurizers can do it all. In addition to treating milk & dairy products, the yogurt & cheese makers are also ideal for heating calf milk, re-liquefying honey, making honey wax, etc.

The handy Milky Mini cheese and yogurt machine FJ 15, with its 15 liters capacity, is perfect for home use or small direct marketers.

For larger quantities, pasteurizers with 30 liter, 50 liter and 100 liter capacities are available.

Milky Butter Machines: Make fresh, high-quality butter yourself

With the FJ 10 electric Milky butter machine, you can make small quantities of butter yourself in minutes. With its 10-liter cream container, this convenient-to-use buttermilk machine is perfect for small businesses, small direct marketers, or home butter making.

If you want to churn larger quantities of cream, go for the FJ 32 electric Milky butter machine with a 32-liter capacity.

Milky filling machine: efficient filling of liquids

Milky filling machines enable farmers to fill liquids into cups, jars, bottles or cartons quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

The SFG 2 150 - 500 Milky filling machine is the ideal all-rounder for filling volumes between 150 and 500 ml, allowing you to fill up to 600 liters per hour.

If, on the other hand, you want to fill containers with a maximum of 1 liter or process a larger quantity, the Milky filling machine SGF 2 250 - 1000 for up to 1200 liters per hour is the better choice.

Premium brand Milky stands for innovation from Austria

Milky milk centrifuges, butter machines, yogurt makers, cheese machines and pasteurizers belong to one of the most popular and appreciated brands worldwide. Milky machines for the dairy industry impress with their technical edge, high quality workmanship and food-approved, easy-to-clean materials such as stainless steel. Not without reason, Milky can already be found in more than 90 countries around the world.

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