Organic poultry feed - Premium feed for breed and farm poultry

Our high-quality premium organic poultry feed meets the high demands in organic animal feeding and is the ideal basic feed for every breed and farm poultry. Our brands Leimüller and Göweil are produced directly in Austria and convince with their regionality, GMO-free quality and a species-appropriate composition that tastes good for every poultry.

At Agrarzone you will find a comprehensive selection of high quality organic poultry feed for every poultry. Whether chicken feed for laying hens, broilers or for turkeys, turkeys or guinea fowls, our organic poultry feed is optimally tailored to the needs of breed poultry & farmed poultry and provides the poultry with all the valuable nutrients they need for a vital life.

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Overview of organic poultry feed:

  • For chickens, turkeys, turkeys and other wild poultry & special poultry
  • Complete feed for poultry
  • Certified for organic farms
  • Guaranteed GMO-free
  • Strengthens regional agriculture
  • Repeated careful cleaning
  • Environmentally friendly packaging in a tear-resistant sack

Buy high quality organic chicken feed - Vital laying hens & successful chicken breeding

Whether good laying performance, poultry fattening or safe and controlled chicken rearing - our chicken-friendly and balanced organic chicken feed has been successfully used for many years by chicken breeders, organic chicken fattening operators as well as private poultry farmers. With us you will find chicken feed for all areas of application!

Healthy poultry rearing & chick rearing from day one

A healthy and species-appropriate biological poultry rearing is particularly important for the later development of the young chicks. We recommend our Göweil organic wild chicken starter until the 5th - 6th week of life. The high-quality organic rearing food with many nutrients, minerals, vitamins & trace elements ensures optimal nutrition for the chickens from the first day. The organism and plumage can develop optimally thanks to our chick starter.

When the chicken chick is 5 weeks old and has grown into a hen, it has other nutritional needs. Therefore the chicken feed should also be changed. The Göweil organic young hen feed from the 6th - 7th week is now the optimal poultry feed for young laying hens. The high-quality poultry feed from Austria is a complete feed in organic quality. To exclude Salmonella, the chicken rearing feed is granulated and hygienized

Our tip: For hobby quail keeping, the feed is also ideal for rearing laying quails. As soon as the first eggs have been laid, you can safely switch to the Göweil organic quail feed.

Laying hen feed in premium quality - For strong shells and yellow yolks

You can get beautiful yellow yolks and strong egg shells with our organic certified Göweil organic layer hen food. You can tell from the color of the feed the high quality and also from the eggs. The premium chicken feed thus meets the high demands placed on organic feed.

Poultry fattening feed - A lot of energy and nutrients for daily needs

Fattening poultry place very special demands on poultry feed. For fast-growing, healthy and vital chickens, the fattening feed must provide enough energy and cover the daily need for nutrients, minerals, vitamins and trace elements. Until the 5th - 6th week of life, we recommend our Göweil organic wild chicken starter. The high-quality fattening chick feed supplies the young poultry with all the nutrients it needs for healthy and fast growth.

Göweil poultry feed is best from the 6th lifespan until it is ready for slaughter. The Pemium poultry feed meets the high demands placed on organic farms and is the ideal complete feed for broilers. Whether chicken fattening, turkey fattening or fattening poultry - with us you will find poultry fattening feed for all ages and breeds!

Healthy turkey and poultry feed for farm poultry, wild poultry and special poultry

For young turkey chicks, we recommend the Göweil organic turkey chick starter. The selected rearing feed for turkey chicks meets the special needs of young turkeys in the first weeks of life and provides the chicks with many vitamins, minerals, nutrients and trace elements.

If the turkey chick has grown into a young turkey, then the Göweil organic turkey feed is the right Pute feed. The high-quality turkey feed in organic quality significantly supports the growth of the young poultry thanks to its valuable components.

Our Leimüller organic 3-grain mix poultry feed is ideal for all useful poultry, game poultry and special poultry. The basic feed for many poultry breeds has been cleaned several times and is ideally suited as poultry feed. The product is subject to the strict organic quality requirements. Thanks to the exact quality control and careful cleaning several times, the poultry feed receives the necessary quality to meet the highest demands in animal feeding.

The Leimüller brand has stood for "Naturally Responsible" since 1609

Highest feed quality through strict quality controls and raw material selection - Of course guaranteed GMO-free!

Leimüller is a traditional family company and has stood for high-quality and sustainable animal feed since 1609. The Leimüller mill guarantees the highest quality, according to the motto "Pure with responsibility". EVIT Leimüller feeds are carefully manufactured, checked and only the best ingredients are used in our own production plant. Years of experience in the production of animal feed guarantee perfectly tailored pet food.

The high-quality feed mixes from Leimüller rely on a strict selection of raw materials. Strict quality controls in our own laboratory and at external control points ensure a consistently high feed quality. During production, all raw materials go through special cleaning stages, which are applied to the respective raw material.

Leimüller EVIT feed does not contain any genetically modified raw materials. The strictly controlled raw materials are mainly obtained from local farmers. Raw materials that do not grow in Austria are sourced exclusively from experienced partners with whom we have had a good and trusting cooperation for many years.

Göweil Mühle - Organic compound feed plant and organic mill

Göweil produces high quality organic compound feed and is known for its high quality premium feed.

The feed of the premium brand Göweil is manufactured according to the latest knowledge and strict guidelines. The organic feed is produced in Upper Austria in its own mill according to the "Bio Austria Futter" standard (guidelines from the Bio Verband Österreich). With Göweil animal feed, you and your animal always have the certainty that you are not leaving the feeding to chance.

  • High quality feed according to the latest knowledge and strict guidelines
  • Decades of experience since 1952
  • Premium organic feed certified according to the "Bio Austria Futter" Standard

Overview of organic feed at Agrarzone:

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