Organic pig feed & organic piglet feed - Premium feed from Austria

A high-quality pig feed is particularly important for healthy and successful pig farming. Regardless of whether domestic pigs, fattening pigs or for pig breeding, our organic pig feed meets the high demands placed on pig feeding in organic farms.

Our species-appropriate and balanced organic pig feed was developed by the feed expert G÷weil and has been successfully used by farmers, pig breeders and private pig farmers for many years. Due to the high feed quality, which is guaranteed by high-quality raw materials and strict controls, organic pig feed is extremely popular and suitable for feeding in organic pig farms.

Our pig feed contains all the important nutrients and is perfectly tailored to the needs of pigs. High-quality raw materials from the region are used, which leads to short transport routes and strengthens regional agriculture. Conventional pig feed, like pig feed and piglet feed, is guaranteed to be GMO-free.

Overview of organic pig feed:

  • Complete feed for pigs and piglets
  • Can be fed dry, as pellets or in slurry
  • Certified for organic farms
  • Guaranteed GMO-free
  • Strengthens regional agriculture
  • Repeated careful cleaning
  • Environmentally friendly packaging in a tear-resistant sack

Manufacturer information - G÷weil BIO grinder

G÷weil produces high quality organic pig food and is known for its high quality premium feed.

The pig food of the premium brand G÷weil is manufactured according to the latest knowledge and strict guidelines. The organic pig feed is produced in Upper Austria in its own mill according to the "Bio Austria Futter" standard (guidelines from the Bio Verband Ísterreich). With G÷weil animal feed, you and your animal always have the certainty that you are not leaving the feeding to chance.

  • High quality feed according to the latest knowledge and strict guidelines
  • Decades of experience since 1952
  • Premium organic feed certified according to the "Bio Austria Futter" Standard

Healthy organic pic feed from regional cultivation - For vital & happy pigs

There is no universal pig feed. Piglets, breeding pigs and fattening pigs place different demands on pig feed. At Agrarzone you will find a balanced pig feed for each pig, with which you strengthen the vitality of your pig and thus run your company profitably.

Piglet feed & piglet starter for piglet breeding

The most important phase of a pig's life is the piglet phase. In the piglet phase, the foundations for the later development of the piglet are laid in the first weeks of life. Piglet feed plays a special role in this: with a species-appropriate piglet feed and piglet starter, the organic farm can positively influence the piglet growth and raise the animal to a healthy and high-performing pig.

Our high-quality G÷weil organic piglet starter and G÷weil organic piglet rearing feed have the best organic quality and are therefore ideally suited for raising small piglets. The organic piglet starter is presented to the piglet fresh from the second week of life several times a day for free intake. One week after weaning the piglet, you gradually get used to G÷weil organic piglet rearing feed. The pig feed for piglet rearing can be fed dry or in slurry and should be kept to the piglet up to a maximum of 12 weeks of life.

Note: If pig feed with a high water content is administered, hygiene at the feeding place is particularly important. Therefore remove food residues to prevent bacteria and fungus formation.

Buy organic piglet starter at Agrarzone

Buy organic piglet rearing feed at Agrarzone

Breeding pig feed for the breeding sow

If the pig is later born and raised as a breeding pig, the pig feed should be matched to the appropriate gestation phase of the breeding sow. Our G÷weil organic breeding sow feed has the highest organic quality and is ideal for feeding breeding pigs in the organic pig stable. The breeding sow is gradually accustomed to the pig feed 1-2 weeks before birth.

During this phase, the breeding pig receives a maximum of 2.1 kg and roughage for free intake. After birth, the daily amounts should be increased slowly. After about a week, the breeding pig feed can be fed as a slurry as well as dry, as desired.

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Fattening pig feed for fattening pig breeding

Fattening pigs place special demands on pig feed. If the pig is kept for fattening, the fattening phases are of particular importance. In order to gain weight quickly and stay healthy, the optimal supply of nutrients is particularly important. The growth potential of pigs can be stimulated, especially in final fattening, by the optimal feed quantity and high-quality organic pig feed.

The particularly high-quality G÷weil organic pig feed, which meets the demands of organic certified companies, is available in floury form as well as in pelletized form. Our pig fattening feed is suitable for pigs with a live weight of around 30 kg to 75 kg for free intake or rationed and can be fed both as a slurry and dry. From 75 kg of live weight up to slaughter, pig fattening should be rationed.

Organic pig feed for fattening pigs at Agrarzone:

G÷weil organic pig feed pellets 30 kg
G÷weil organic pig fattening feed 30 kg

Buy pig feed as pellets or meal

You can buy the pig feed in the form of a meal or as pellets. With pellets, less feed remains and the feeling of satiety lasts longer in pigs. Grist feeding, on the other hand, leads to a slightly higher meat fill. Please note: Sufficient water must always be provided, especially for shot fodder.

Would you like expert advice on pig feeding or do you need large quantities of pig feed? Please feel free to contact us for an individual offer. We can also offer you your own mix from 800 kg.

Practical products for pig farming and piglet rearing

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