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Nutrient-rich organic horse feed and tasty organic horse snacks guarantee you the highest feed quality and are the optimal basic feed for your horse. Whether for competitive sports, for breeding, for heavy-fed horses or for horses with oat intolerance - our organic horse feed significantly strengthens the health and well-being of your horse!

At Agrarzone you will find a large selection of high quality organic horse feed and tasty horse treats, optimally tailored to the species-appropriate nutritional needs of horses.

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Organic horse feed in the highest organic feed quality

Our organic horse feed consists of the highest quality feed components from regional cultivation. Our balanced and species-appropriate organic horse feed was developed by horse experts and has been successfully used by farmers, horse breeders and private horse owners for many years. The high feed quality, which is guaranteed by high-quality raw materials and strict controls, makes our horse feed a popular and healthy basic feed for horses. With our large selection of tasty horse treats, you can spoil your horse and encourage your darling to take on any new challenge!

Our organic horse feed from Göweil in pellet form is the ideal supplementary feed for horses in the best organic quality and provides your horse with important nutrients that your darling needs for a long and happy horse life. Supplemented with many important vitamins, minerals and trace elements, our organic horse feed guarantees an optimal energy balance in competitive sports and horse tournaments.

For horses with oat intolerance we have the right organic horse feed without oats at Agrarzone. The supplementary feed is pelleted, so less feed remains and the feeling of satiety lasts longer in the horse than when fed with meal.

Please note the following general feeding rules:

  • Roughage before concentrated feed
  • Maximum 0.4 kg concentrate feed per meal and 100 kg live weight
  • Distribute concentrated feed evenly over all meals
  • Rough fodder 1/4 in the morning and midday and 1/2 in the evening
  • Feed horses with a high need 4 times a day
  • At least 40% of the total dry matter must be roughage

Organic Horse treats - Reward for your horse

With the right use of healthy organic horse treats, you can motivate your horse and introduce it to new tasks with great enthusiasm. So that your horse recognizes that it has done something right, it is best to reward the horse with a horse treat immediately after reaching the learning objective. The horse learns quickly what they want from it and is positively encouraged and kept in a good mood by the targeted administration of treats for horses.

Delicious variety in many flavors

Organic Horse treats come in many different shapes and tastes - so there is a suitable reward for picky horses too! Whether treats that taste like banana, apple, raspberry or carrot or treats with wheat, barley or oats - at Agrarzone you will find a large selection of different horse treats that have one thing in common: They are the ideal supplementary feed for your horse, made from high quality Raw materials. Our valuable treats for horses contain many important vitamins, minerals and trace elements to provide your horse with sufficient nutrients every day.

Reward for solving tasks

Horses can be motivated with treats. Give the treat to your horse in the course of a solved task and it will learn quickly. Our horse treats at Agrarzone were hard pressed and thus prevent the horse from eating the treats too quickly. The horse needs a lot more saliva to eat the healthy reward.

7 things you should keep in mind when feeding horses

1. No too long eating breaks

A horse's digestive organism is designed to eat nutrient-poor plants and grass all day. Unlike the human body, the horse continuously produces stomach acid to digest the horse feed. If the feeding breaks are too long (like feeding only in the morning and in the evening), the stomach acid will soon no longer have any work and will attack the stomach. The excess stomach acid irritates the horse's stomach and can lead to stomach ulcers and other diseases in the long run.

Basically, horses should be fed at least every 4 hours!

2. The main food is good grass, straw and hay

In order for the horse's digestion to work well, horses primarily need high-quality raw fiber roughage such as grass, straw or hay. Horses can get sick in the long term if they have too much nutrient-rich concentrate in combination with too little exercise. Depending on the breed of horse, a horse needs on average between 1.5 and 2.5 kilos of roughage per 100 kg of weight. Please only use roughage that is especially suitable for horses (no pasture grass for cows), since high-performance pasture grasses usually contain too much energy for bred high-performance cattle.

3. Correct level of concentrate, roughage and juice feed

In horse feeding, crude fiber-rich feed (roughage) and concentrated feed (concentrate feed) are differentiated. Juice food is fruit and vegetables such as carrots, apples or beetroot. Eating is a psychologically important activity for horses. If this employment option is lacking, many horses develop abnormal behavior. It is best to provide the horse with horse feed around the clock. However, you should not feed more than a third of the hay or straw.

For horses that get slightly fat, hay nets that regulate the amount of feed that is consumed are particularly suitable. When choosing the hay net, make sure that the stitches are not too big and not too small (too small = the horse gets frustrated because it does not get roughage. Too big = the horse eats too much). The hay net should be attached to a location that is easily accessible to the horse.

4. Adapt the horse feed to the needs of the horse

Every horse places very special demands on horse feed. Many ponies need lower-energy feed, whereas heavy-blooded thoroughbreds are more likely to need horse feed with a high nutrient content. As with humans, horses that have to do a lot (like sport horses or lactating horses) need more energy than horses that move little.

Therefore adapt the feed individually to the feeding of your horse!

5. Too much sugar-rich vegetables and fruit is unhealthy!

Bananas, apples, plums and the like taste particularly good to horses, but, as with humans, should only be enjoyed in moderation. You should particularly limit pear feeding, as pears can ferment in the horse's stomach and cause colic!

6. You should not feed these foods

  • Aubergines, peppers, tomatoes, potatoes: no nightshade family - especially their stems and leaves are poisonous for horses!
  • Milk and milk products: risk of diarrhea - horses cannot process lactose.
  • Sweets such as ice cream, chocolate, chips, etc.: Sugar, lactose and theobromine are harmful to horses.
  • Chopped grass: Toxic plants cannot be distinguished from healthy grass, the damp grass can mold, too high fruit content and protein content.

7. Use feed supplements correctly

Special mineral feed & supplementary feed supports the performance and health of the horse. The important nutrients, vitamins and minerals contained in the supplementary feed strengthen the immune system of horses in special situations such as Stress, lactation, sports, growth and illness.

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