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A balanced diet is particularly important for a long dog's life. The species-appropriate composition of our organic dog food from Marengo provides your four-legged friend with all the important nutrients. No animal testing, meat from animal welfare and careful production - Our organic dog food guarantees you a sustainable and conscious nutrition for your dog.

Do you want to feed your dog naturally and without unnecessary additives? Is a controlled and species-appropriate origin of the ingredients important to you? At Agrarzone, we guarantee you natural dog food from organic production. Meat and fish come exclusively from animal welfare and are naturally GMO-free.

On this page you are guaranteed to find the right organic dog food for your four-legged darling. With our practical overview around the topic of dog food and presentation of various nutritional concepts, you have all the information you need to give your dog a comprehensive and healthy diet.

Organic dog food from Marengo - Holistic & conscious nutrition of your dog

Our organic dog food from Marengo guarantees you real naturalness. For the love of the dog, only the highest quality ingredients are used in organic dog food from Marengo. The natural dog food contains a variety of natural vitamins, trace elements and minerals. Animal experiments and the resulting need values are strictly rejected out of conviction. Decide with Marengo for natural dog nutrition!

Advantages of Marengo organic dog food:

  • Meat and fish come exclusively from healthy animals from controlled food production
  • Highest quality raw materials from purely organic production
  • No animal testing, no basis for animal-based table values
  • Natural ingredients - purely natural vitamin content
  • Natural durability & guaranteed GMO-free
  • No synthetic additives such as synthetic vitamins, attractants and flavors, preservatives
  • Gentle preparation of the ingredients using a modern steam pressure process (autoclaving)

Marengo organic dog food is suitable for these dogs:

  • For all adult dogs
  • Allergic and sensitive dogs
  • Bad eaters or puppies with poor appetite
  • For self-prepared rations & BARF
  • Dogs that have health problems such as Skin disorders or gastrointestinal disorders tend to occur
  • Obese dogs (moderate fat Content)

Useful information about dog food

1. You have to pay attention to the following when buying dog food:

The optimal dog food for your four-legged friend should be tailored to his special needs. You should choose your dog food based on the following factors:

  • Age of the dog: Puppy, junior, adult or senior
  • Dimensions: Size, weight and activity of the dog
  • Food consistency: Dry food, wet food or raw food (BARF)
  • Possible previous diseases: Cereal intolerance, allergies, etc.
  • Quality and price of dog food: Good quality should not be spared

2. There are these types of dog food:

Dry dog food

Dry dog food consists either of uniform pieces of food such as biscuits, pellets or croquettes or of a feed mixture such as Flake mix. Dry dog food has a low moisture content of approx. 4% to 10% and should contain at least 17% healthy raw protein. When giving dry food, you should always provide your dog with enough water. You can find a large selection of high-quality dry dog food in our dog food shop. Packed in practical bags, our dog food has a particularly long shelf life.

Advantages of dry dog food:

  • Dry dog food can be stored for a long time due to the low moisture content
  • Dental plaque is removed due to the dry composition
  • Dry dog food strengthens the jaw muscles of the animal through extensive chewing
  • Dry food swells in the stomach of the dog and is therefore more filling than wet food for dogs

Wet dog food

Wet dog food has a higher meat content than dry food and a moisture content of approx. 80%. Wet food should not act as a complete feed. Mix the wet food with dry food for dogs and do something good for your four-legged friend! Our organic wet food for dogs has the highest premium quality and is available in practical sizes as 6x 200 g or 6x 400 g.


BARF (raw feeding) means "organic raw feeding" and is another method of feeding dogs. In the case of raw feeding, the dog is only fed raw feed such as meat or vegetables.

3. Feeding recommendation for puppies, junior, adult & senior - High quality dogs feed for every phase of life

In the following sections you will find useful information and feeding instructions for feeding puppies, junior, adult & senior dogs.

Depending on the age and life situation of the dog, your dog gets different dog food to eat. Puppies and young dogs have a different nutrient requirement than older dogs, dogs with cereal allergies are only allowed to eat special feed mixtures, pregnant bitches need particularly nutritious dog food.

In order to only provide your dog with high-quality dog food, you should take a closer look at the list of ingredients on the dog food pack. Based on the composition of the dog food such as Vegetable protein, meat content, quality of the protein, ingredients and additives can be used to assess the quality of dog food.

Basically, dog food is the better, the less color, additives and preservatives it contains. The meat content of the dog food should be as high as possible. You can recognize inferior meat quality by information such as "meat meal" or "animal by-products".

Do you want dog food that is guaranteed to be tailored to your dog's needs? With organic dog food, you can be sure that only the highest quality ingredients have been processed.

Feeding recommendation for puppies & young dogs - Many nutrients for the first weeks of life

Puppies up to the age of 18 weeks receive puppy food 3-4 times a day. If the puppies grow up to be young dogs, the food bowl should be filled 3 times a day until the age of 6 months. Puppies in particular have an increased need for fluids. Always provide your puppy with enough water.

Feeding recommendation for adult dogs & senior dogs - Fit & Happy enjoy doglife

From the 6th month of life you can slowly reduce the feeding to one or two servings of feed a day. This rhythm is maintained until the senior age.

4. How to calculate your dog's feed requirements:

Determining the correct amount of feed depends on three basic factors: Age, size and activity.

To calculate the optimal amount of food for an adult dog, you should first weigh your dog. You can calculate about 2% - 4% of your dog's body weight on dog food. An adult dog with a weight of 30 kg should therefore receive between 600 and 1200 g of dog food per day, of course depending on the activity of the dog.

Overview of organic feed at Agrarzone:

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