Calf Puller for cow & cattle

Normally cows and heifers calve without help. However, if complications occur during the expulsion phase, mechanical obstetricians can be a life-saving aid. In addition to care and expertise, the use of a suitable obstetrician is particularly important. Otherwise, serious injuries and stillbirths can result.

What is important for an calf puller?

An calf puller for cows consists of the drawbar, the mechanism, the head (with or without a frame) and the calving cords.

1) The drawbar:

The length of the drawbar should be adapted to the dimensions of the calving box. The bar should also be long enough to allow larger calves to be born without problems. A length of 180 cm is recommended by veterinarians. Ideally, the drawbar is made of aluminium and therefore has a low weight. With a round drawbar, the mechanism can be moved 360° around the tube for maximum flexibility.

If the bar can be dismantled, it can be stored better and is also easier to transport in a car (e.g. by veterinarians).

2) The mechanism:

The mechanism for pulling the birth cords ensures an even and gentle transmission of force. A distinction can be made here between a standard mechanism and a mechanism with adjustable pulling force control. The pulling force control prevents the calf from being pulled with too much force. A lever blocks when the pre-set force is reached. Without regulation, a pulling force of approx. 600 kg can be reached. This is a considerable risk of injury for cow and calf. In the normal course of birth, pulling forces of approx. 160 kg is completely sufficient. In an emergency, however, this pulling force control can also be deactivated.

3) The head with/without frame:

The head must be designed in such a way that repeated crunches are prevented. At the same time it should be handy and not hinder the birth process spatially.

The classic bow is the plastic head without frame. Instead of the metal frame, the extension support only has lateral angle supports for a good hold. The head is small, handy and light and ideal for supine births, where larger frames often cannot be positioned under the lying cow.

Calf Puller with frames are adapted to the shape of the pelvis. This prevents slipping off the ischial bones and the long ischial muscles. If the side bar is adjustable, it can be used for dairy breeds with a narrow pelvis as well as for meat breeds with a wide pelvis.

The HK-Flexi Frame offers the best protection against slipping. The flexible frame surrounds the mother's pelvis and reliably prevents slipping down and to the side. The bar is tiltable and therefore a pulling movement both towards the tail and towards the udder is possible.

4) Calving Cords:

The calf is attached to the calving cord. PPMF is the preferred material, as it does not absorb blood, does not become stiff and lasts longer. In contrast to polyamide, PPMF absorbs only 0.1% instead of up to 10% moisture. Calving cords are also available in polyamide or nylon.

Other obstetrical accessories

In addition to obstetricians for cow and cattle, you can also buy practice-proven birth ropes, respiratory pumps as well as incident bandages and cow lifting devices at Agrarzone. If you have any questions about our products, please contact our experts. We would be pleased if we can help you further.

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