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Moths & mites are extremely troublesome and can cause small and large damage to property and transmit serious diseases to humans and animals. At Agrarzone, we have a wide range of effective products for moth control and red bird mite Control.

With moth trap, moth spray & sticky moth trap into the moth-free home!

Moths are extremely annoying and can cause small and large damage. In the case of moth infestation, it is important to know what kind of moth pests it is and to find out the cause. A basic distinction is made between the following types of moth:

  • Clothes moths
  • Food moths (also textile moths)

Tip: In order not to have to deal with a moth plague at all, it is advisable to take suitable preventive measures and to find and eliminate the moth nest if it is infected. Suitable products for moth prevention can be found at Agrarzone.

Effective clothes moth trap at Agrarzone:

Effective food moth trap at Agrarzone:

Effective sticky moth trap at Agrarzone:

Clothes moth spray and food moth spray:

Fight the red mite effectively

Bird mites are pests that - as the name suggests - feel particularly comfortable near poultry. In small animal cages, poultry, quail and pigeon stalls, the dangerous red bird mite in particular transmits serious and often fatal diseases to poultry such as chickens, birds, pigeons or quail. Cattle, horse and pig stables are not spared from the mite infestation. If poultry and farm animals are affected by the red bird mite, faster and more effective mite control measures are required.

At Agrarzone you will find a wide range of effective products to combat red mite:
  1. Mite spray for spraying in cages & stables
  2. Mites liquid concentrate for spraying in cages & stables
  3. Mite powder for dusting in cages & stables
  4. Mite fog machine for nebulizing cages & stables
  5. Mites spray for direct use on animals

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