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Moths are extremely annoying and can cause small and large damage. In the case of moth infestation, it is important to know what kind of moth pests it is and to find out the cause. A basic distinction is made between the following types of moth:

  • Clothes moths
  • Food moths (also textile moths)

Tip: In order not to have to deal with a moth plague at all, it is advisable to take suitable preventive measures and to find and eliminate the moth nest if it is infected. Suitable products for moth prevention can be found at Agrarzone.

1. Clothes moths - Detect, eliminate & prevent clothes moth infestation

Recognize clothes moths

The nest of textile moths is everywhere where textiles and fabrics are available like in curtains, under upholstered furniture or clothing, and especially in stored textiles. After pupation, the moth larvae like to withdraw to more remote places such as in boreholes, sockets, skirting boards, cabinet gaps, radiators or behind furniture upholstery.

Eliminate and prevent clothes moths with moth traps

The infestation of clothes moths can be prevented by regularly rearranging and ventilating cupboards. Our effective moth traps contain unpleasant scents such as lavender, cedar wood, etc. for textile moths and are an excellent preventive measure so that you don't have to deal with a moth plague. In addition to our clothes moth traps, moth sprays and sticky moth rolls are an effective method to combat fluttering moth pests.

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2. Food moths - Detect, eliminate & prevent food moth infestation

Recognize food moths

In the case of food moths, the moth nest is usually in the immediate vicinity of uncooled foods such as flour, baking ingredients, cocoa, ground nuts, sweets, rice, pasta, unpacked tea or on the spice rack.

Prevent & destroy food moths with moth traps

Countermeasures can be taken with effective moth traps, which serve to prevent and remove moths. In addition to special moth traps, it is important to find the moth nest and thus remove the breeding site. Once the moth eggs and larvae have been found, they should be removed thoroughly. In addition to our food moth traps, moth sprays and sticky moth rolls are an effective method to combat fluttering moth pests.

Tip: If food moths are infected, it makes sense to dispose of the entire food package together with the immediately adjacent food, since moth larvae can also penetrate unopened packaging.

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