Mosquito Spray

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Itchy mosquito bites and scratched-up bloody sores are a thing of the past with mosquito spray, gadfly spray & horsefly spray! To be able to enjoy the warm hours of the sun and to protect humans and animals, vermin sprays provide immediate remedies and protection against biting vermin (like mosquitoes, gadflies, horseflys and more). Many mosquito sprays can be used universally and therefore also work against other flying and crawling vermin such as flies, gnats, wasps, moths, mites, snails and ants.

How to find the right mosquito control

At Agrarzone we have a large selection of effective mosquito control products. Before mosquitoes are removed, it is important to know where to use the mosquito spray:

  1. Use in humans
  2. Use in farm animals (horse, pig, cattle and more)
  3. Application in the household, agriculture & trade

1. Mosquito spray for direct use in humans:

2. Mosquito spray for direct use in farm animals:

3. Mosquito spray for the household, agriculture & trade:

Finally enjoy summer mosquito-free with effective mosquito sprays!

Why don't the stinging bloodsuckers leave us alone?

Mosquitoes and gadflies feel particularly comfortable near water. Holidays on the lake can therefore rarely be enjoyed relaxed and refreshed without mosquito spray. But why are some people & animals bitten by mosquitoes more than others? The stinging insects are not attracted to "sweet blood", as is often claimed. Rather, the body's own smell attracts the stinging anthropods. Every person and every animal has its own body odor that cannot be changed or washed off. This also explains why some are bitten by mosquitoes much more than others. Your body odor is more popular with mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes are a danger to humans and animals

Rebel sprays are highly effective when used properly against pests that can transmit pathogens and serious infections such as flies, gnats, horseflies or mosquitoes. So mosquito spray can protect humans and animals from health damage and serious diseases such as Yellow fever, tuberculosis, typhoid, cholera or malaria.

The correct use of mosquito spray - warnings, side effects and what there is to consider

Mosquito sprays & insect sprays basically consist of an aerosol container that contains a chemical insecticide such as Piperonylbutoxid, pyrethrum or pyrethroids releases. In order to protect humans and animals from undesirable side effects, it is recommended to observe the following instructions.

  1. It is strongly recommended to read the manufacturer's description for the correct use of the mosquito spray.
  2. The use of mosquito spray should be used carefully, as the sprays can cause side effects in humans and animals such as itching, burning eyes, redness and even severe allergic reactions.
  3. Rooms in which mosquito spray was used should not be entered for some time after spraying.
  4. Mosquito spray should only be used for the intended use.
  5. Even if insects are floating around the food - mosquito spray should never be used when eating, otherwise chemical components of the insecticide will separate on the food and get into the body through food intake. Rather, effective Mosquito traps & Gadfly traps help against the stinging vermin.

These products are useful for mosquito control:

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