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Mosquito plug & gnats spray Overview:

  • Indoor use: In a socket using a plate or liquid concentrate
  • Outdoor use: For spraying trees, bushes or applying to window sills, window frames, etc.
  • Effective immediately & safe to use
  • Odorless & long-lasting effect
  • Excellent price / performance ratio

How to find the right mosquito plug & gnats spray

What really helps against gnats & mosquitos

Mosquito plug & gnats spray provide reliable, long-lasting & odorless protection from gnats and ensure quiet, gnats-free nights. At Agrarzone you will find a large selection of professional and effective products for effective gnats destruction and mosquito prevention for all fields of application. You can effectively protect the following environments with mosquito plug & gnats spray:

1. Mosquito plug for indoor use (house, apartment, agriculture, trade):

2. Gnats spray for the outdoor area (balcony, terrace, pasture, gastronomy):

Suitable accessories:

Already knew? Why Gnats "fly" on us!

A buzzing in the ear shortly before falling asleep and a short time later a strong itching, preferably on the face, arms or legs - the time of the gnats has come again! Gnats feel comfortable in the warm summer months and especially in the vicinity of people and thus disturb the rest afterwards. So cozy evenings outdoors can fall victim to the gnats.

The annoying mosquitoes, which have already given every person sleepless nights, are first attracted to the air that everyone breathes in and out. With the tiny sensors on their mouthparts, they can sense the slightest change in carbon dioxide in the air. Gnats also feel comfortable in the light. With an effective gnats plug for indoors and gnats spray for outdoors, you can sleep through the night again without gnats and enjoy cozy evening hours.

Other products are useful for fighting against Gnats & Mosquitos

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