Calf milk heater of the latest generation

The calf milk warmer FastHeat and FastHeat Digital combine functional design with significant energy and time savings.

Energy savings with calf milk warmer FastHeat

With a significantly lower power consumption of just 1700 watts, the new FastHeat calf milk warmer distinguishes itself from conventional products. The patented design reduces the overall height of the cast aluminum radiator. As a result, even small quantities can be heated without unnecessary energy losses and brought to the desired temperature.

Fast and even calf milk warming

From +18 ° C to +42 ° C in about 11 minutes! (Bucket with 8 liters of water) The FastHeat calf milk warmer uses the heat flow in the milk very cleverly. The heated milk rises to the surface and the cold milk sinks to the bottom of the bucket, where it is reheated by the radiator. Since the radiator is typically located in the coolest area of ??the milk (bucket floor) due to its reduced height, it can transfer its heating energy with full power and thus particularly effective to the milk. This process ensures a particularly efficient and uniform heating of the milk.